Morocco, I want you back.

Winter, stop it! Give me back the Sahara. I miss it so much…

01_moroccan lady


This was Abdou, our Sahara guide from Top Desert. He was so sweet, funny and knowledgeable. Speaks a dozen languages (including some Portuguese he picked up from Brazilian tourists!) and completely trustworthy. I totally recommend Top Desert, by the way. It’s a family company and they know EVERYTHING about Morocco.





This was Ali. He taught me how to ride a camel!









This beautiful lady makes the most amazing tapestry I have ever seen. She offered us black (and very sweet!) tea and talked us through her process. Everything is hand-made and they still use the same tools since the beginning of times!



This was Hashmir, our second guide. He talked to us about life in the desert, about his children and about how much he loves watching the stars up in the desert sky at night. He was an absolute gentleman. I cried when I said goodbye to him.



The most incredible sunset.



And the most beautiful sunrise I have EVER seen.

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Witness This

Last Friday I was featured in the art section of the brilliant and oh, so cool Witness This.

Witness this_02

Witness this

This is my favorite part of the feature: “I love the playfulness in Joana’s style. Her drawings are a fun and cheerful world to dive into, and simply put you in a good mood while there is also an element of latent madness residing within. If I was a child again, I would love to have her illustrate my favorite fairy tales… you know what, forget the child, Edgar fuckin’ Allan Poe it is!”

Oh my God, what a GREAT IDEA. Yes, I believe I am going to drop everything and start an Edgar Allan Poe series. It’s too tempting. And extremely flattering. – Thank you guys!

Read the whole feature here, and for everything cool, creative and inspirational, check out the rest of the page here. Some of the most interesting content I have seen in ages!

New shop and new illustrations

I am utterly obsessed with Society6 right now. A few weeks ago, I decided to open my own Society6 shop and test their services. I guess I wanted to make sure that the quality was as good as they said it was, and that I was entirely satisfied before releasing some of my illustrations for sale (yes, I can be very annoying and suspicious sometimes). To my delight, the quality was in fact, as good as they say on the site! I ordered one of my own prints and the paper, the printing itself and the service were impeccable!

So here are two pieces that I decided to release especially on Society6. They were originally produced for a gallery exhibition that was canceled at the last minute but I had so much fun drawing and coloring them, I couldn’t keep them a secret forever, could I? Paris New York They can be bought as art prints in various sizes, as framed prints in a variety of frames (white, black, pecan, walnut, etc), as stretched canvases, as throw pilows, tote bags and wall clocks! Society6_merchandise I must admit, it is fun and exciting to see my illustrations applied to all these different products. I kind of want one of each! (Which is probably weird and a little narcissistic, but I can’t help it! ;0)

Visit the shop here:  There are lots of other goodies there!

Lots of love.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery

I’ve illustrated baby shower, christening and birthday invitations before, but last summer, I was asked to illustrate the stationery for a friend’s wedding. A WEDDING! How exciting is that?

The couple had a beautiful wedding on a boat in Lisbon. They wanted their invitations to be slightly “boat-themed” (without giving away too much) and to show the skyline of the Portuguese capital, as seen from the Tagus river. Here are my favourite details:

Bespoke Wedding Stationery_13

Bespoke Wedding Stationery_02

Bespoke Wedding Stationery_05

Bespoke Wedding Stationery_07

Bespoke Wedding Stationery_06

Here is Lisbon before the colors:

lisbon skyline_BW

And here is Lisbon after the colors:

lisbon skyline_color

This was a great project. Not just because the bride and groom were my personal friends, but also because the whole process was totally smooth and stress-free, even though we were in opposite parts of Europe. Thank God for the internet!

I am currently designing the stationery for yet another wedding. I’ll be posting everything here soon. Stay tuned.