Illustrated Family Portrait

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything here, hasn’t it?

I am still very much alive. It’s just that I started a 2 year Masters in Fine Arts and God, it has taken over my life! (In a good way.)

But I’m still illustrating, of course. Here is one of my latest projects:

I was commissioned to draw a family portrait for the lovely Monroy Furstenbergers. They are a very sweet German family that used to live in Lisbon. They have relocated to Casablanca but Lisbon is still very important to them. – I don’t blame them! I used to live there. I know how gorgeous it is!

So here is the final piece: The Monroy Furstenbergers in Lisbon.

Family portrait

A couple of details in close up:

Lisbon_FINAL_detail_02 Lisbon_FINAL_detail

Drawing a family portrait is so much fun! This particular piece is full of little details and clues that carry a special meaning to them: favourite toys, favourite colours, hidden birth dates, etc… Hopefully this illustration will be a happy reminder of a wonderful chapter in their lives.

For more information about family portraits, just send me a line here: 

Lots of love,


Crafty Weekend

Last weekend was Crafty Fox Weekend in London! It was my first time trading at an arts & crafts market and I LOVED every second of it.

Here are a couple of pictures of my work on display:

Crafty_Stall_01BProcessed with VSCOcamCrafty_Stall_04Crafty_Stall_05Crafty_Stall_06Crafty_Stall_08Crafty_Stall_09

Crafty Fox is a fantastic market. The quality of the work you see there is good and the variety of styles is very carefully picked and put together. You can tell by looking at what’s on display, that the organizers and curators are very specific, know what they are looking for and have incredibly high standards.

I was honoured to be selected to take part in their Uncovered Scheme for artists who are new to market trading. I had a mentor (the amazing Rod, from Rodology) who helped answer all my question and gave me several valuable tips, from the best way to display my products to the amount of change I should have on the day, etc. He was great. Thanks, Rod! :0)

I also got to meet talented artists and people who like me, were new to trading as well. Oh, and most importantly: I talked to lots and lots of lovely customers! People were very interested in my work and asked me lots of questions, which was wonderful and flattering! A few of my friends and family also dropped by, which was extra sweet.

Overall, a very successful day! Time just flew by. Thank you, Crafty Fox, for such a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love,

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Crafty Fox

This time next week I will be in London getting ready for my very first Crafty Fox Market!

If you live in the UK and have a passion for all things handmade, you will have heard of Crafty Fox. It is one of the best Arts & Crafts fairs in the country. I have been a fan for ages and now for the first time, I will be there as a trader. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

Crafty Fox

I have been putting lots of illustration goodies together for the market: greeting cards, postcards, Art Prints of various sizes, etc. I will also have a couple of framed originals, which I think is always a good idea.

Thinking of Paris_01 Thinking of Partis_02 A little sneak peek of one of my postcards. They are available in my Etsy shop too, if you can’t make it to the fair.

You can see the full trader listing here. There are lots of cool stuff and very talented people. If you’re around on Sunday 5th October, come and say hi! I will be on the second floor, so come and find me. :0)

See you there!

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New shop opening soon

I have received the most beautiful art prints for my new shop! I am opening an Etsy shop very soon and I’m stocking up on lots of fabulous goodies.

Here is a sneak peek of my Vintage Girls. They were printed on gorgeous Tintoretto Gesso paper, which is one of my favourite papers ever! It has a delicious texture that brings out the colors beautifully.

Vintage Girls_02 Vintage Girls_03 Vintage Girls_04 Vintage Girls_05

I illustrated these girls a while back but I’m still very proud of them. They seem to be rather popular too, which is so flattering! I think the soft tones and the details make this a very feminine piece. It looks quite lovely on a nice frame, I must say.

Stay tuned for more news about my Etsy shop. There will be lots of beautiful art there, as well as custom-made pieces to order. I have loved Etsy for years now (who hasn’t?) and I am beyond excited to be opening my own shop! I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s ready.

Lots of love from England.

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// Mad week scribble

Insanely busy couple of days. A million things to do, so little time. I’m sure everyone’s felling the same thing. End of the year is always this crazy, isn’t it?

I’m currently working on a couple of very fun and very colorful Christmas illustrations. I’ll post them here as soon as they get published. In the meantime, here’s a little red and black marker scribble on recycled paper. I love drawing on “weird” paper. It always gives a different tone and texture to the drawing. I actually think this used to be an envelope of some sort. I probably stole it from someone’s desk at work.