Illustrated Family Portrait

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything here, hasn’t it?

I am still very much alive. It’s just that I started a 2 year Masters in Fine Arts and God, it has taken over my life! (In a good way.)

But I’m still illustrating, of course. Here is one of my latest projects:

I was commissioned to draw a family portrait for the lovely Monroy Furstenbergers. They are a very sweet German family that used to live in Lisbon. They have relocated to Casablanca but Lisbon is still very important to them. – I don’t blame them! I used to live there. I know how gorgeous it is!

So here is the final piece: The Monroy Furstenbergers in Lisbon.

Family portrait

A couple of details in close up:

Lisbon_FINAL_detail_02 Lisbon_FINAL_detail

Drawing a family portrait is so much fun! This particular piece is full of little details and clues that carry a special meaning to them: favourite toys, favourite colours, hidden birth dates, etc… Hopefully this illustration will be a happy reminder of a wonderful chapter in their lives.

For more information about family portraits, just send me a line here: 

Lots of love,