The Piano Room

In preparation for a lovely Arts & Crafts event taking place in London in October (more about that later!), I’ve been going through some of my old illustration pieces.
This one was originally black and white, drawn on very textured recycled paper. Just for fun, I decided to colour it whilst trying to maintain some of the original texture.

Piano room

I was quite happy with the result, I must admit. I don’t usually revisit old illustrations or rework them, but this time, I was glad I did it! I didn’t think the colours would work so it was a nice surprise.

I created this illustration years ago, while I was reading The Great Gatsby. I was inspired by Daisy Buchanan, one of the main characters, though looking back now, I think the style of this illustration is more Jane Austen than Fitzgerald. Check out the original drawing here.

I’ll make a couple of tests to see if this piece works as an Art Print. If it does, I will produce a limited number for my Etsy shop and advertise here so, watch this space! :0)

Lots of love,

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// Make Lemonade

Last week I was asked to create an illustration for an article on the launch of Make Lemonade , a vintage shop on Chalton Street Market, in London. I tried to do something that would have a vintage look, with a bit of color here and there. So here’s my girl:

Read the article on Amelia’s Magazine.

Have a wonderful week.

// New friends

Although I’ve had this blog for almost a year, it was only a few months ago that I really decided to give it some attention, so I guess I’m still quite new at this.
I’ve been enjoying blogging so far and it’s been so lovely seeing people’s reactions to my work, but more than that, the best experience for me has definitely been finding other girls and other blogs that touch my heart and bring a smile to my face. So with that in mind, I’m going to create a little space here where I can mention some of these girls and talk about the amazing things they are doing.

So without further delay, this is Mademoiselle Poirot.

She is a lovely lady from Paris who lives in London and creates beautiful things. Her blog is about finding beauty and inspiration everywhere, a concept with which I identify completely. She has a stall in Greenwich Market where she sells romantic handmade and vintage items (she has the most amazing eye for precious finds).

All pictures by Mademoiselle Poirot.

Next time I’m in London, I’ll definitely visit her stall. Everything looks irresistible.

Bisous from Lisbon

// Vintage Bicycles – editorial work

My latest contribution to Amelia’s Magazine.  This time for an article on the lovely Bobbin Bicycle boutique, a London-based company that imports bicycles from Amsterdam to the UK.

I am so in love with these bikes. Apart from being good for the environment, they are beautiful and have that distinctive vintage feel to them.

//  Images taken from Bobbin’s online photo gallery.