Joana’s travel bug #1: Sydney

I have been looking at some of my old travel pictures and stumbled across some snaps from Down Under.

I went there a few years ago, just after new years, and fell completely in love with it. What a gorgeous city! The people are friendly (and breathtakingly beautiful!), the weather was incredible and the food was great. I remember that I consciously decided not to go into any museums or art galleries (very unlike me) and just spent the days walking around town and enjoying the sun.

This is what I saw:

I totally recommend it as a place to visit. It’s far away and a bit of a pain to get to (from Europe at least), but it’s so worth it! I had a few stop overs on the way there, (Singapore and Brisbane) and stayed a few nights in each place. This made a huge difference and I was able to recover from jet lag and get into the new time zone a lot quicker.

I took very few pictures during this holiday. I didn’t have a very good camera and wasn’t really motivated to click away. Sydney is irresistible, though. I couldn’t help it in the end.

Loved every second of it.

Les cafés de Paris

I am so excited about my latest drawing! I couldn’t wait to share it here.

Over the weekend, I illustrated a map of my favorite cafes in Paris for They Draw and Travel.

Here is the final piece:

Here are a few close-ups:

It’s not your usual map, I know, but if you look closely, all the vital information is there: the street name, the metro station, the river Seine and finally, the cafes: Les deux Magots, Leon, Café de Flore and Brasserie Lipp. I recommend each one of them. They are lovely.

This was such a joy to draw. It made me miss Paris like crazy.

Don’t forget to check out the other maps on They Draw and Travel. There are some really stunning illustrations there!


Painting Event

♥ Hello lovelies,

I have been away on holiday these past few days. A friend of mine was here from Brazil and we went to London and Paris together. I am exhausted but very happy, as you can imagine. – London and Paris are definitely my two favorite cities in the world!

I am sorting through my pictures and will post them here very soon. Watch this space. :)

So, what’s new on the illustration front?

Quite a few things actually. Let’s start with a painting event I took part.

Before I went on holiday, I was invited to paint the menu of one of the coolest restaurants in Lisbon. It’s a fantastic bistro called Tosca, and the owner is a good friend of mine (we used to work together in the same advertising agency a few years ago).

Every Friday he invites an artist or designer to paint his special Friday menu and I was one of the chosen ones. Yay! Check out the pictures:

And finally… the finished piece!

This is a great initiative and I had a brilliant time!

Physically, the menu was huge and I sort of made a mess of the lettering (I blame the mojitos I was drinking whilst writing, though, they are definitely the ones to blame!), but overall I was very proud of the finished piece. I managed to make it work with my own drawing style and I later heard that there were loads of locals and tourists snapping pictures of it throughout the day, which made me very happy.

The restaurant is really amazing and I recommend it. The menu is classic Portuguese and the wine selection is pretty special. Check out the website here:, and don’t forget to try the mojitos if you ever go there during happy hour. They are delicious!