I love Paris in the springtime

Recently, I was commissioned by The Snowflake Ball to illustrate a piece inspired by Paris during springtime.

The Snowflake Ball takes place every year in Quebec and it raises funds for various charities in Canada. It’s a brilliant cause and such a lovely illustration brief, how could I refuse? This is the piece I created:

Paris in the spring

I was actually in Paris a few weeks ago, just after I worked on this project. It was gorgeous and inspiring, as always. Paris is, for sure, one of the best places in this planet. I LOVE that city. In the springtime or in the fall…

Life in Germany

Life in Germany_illustrationIllustration by Me. :0)

Here is a little bit of my life in this wonderful town we call Hamburg. In today’s chapter: “The way to work”.

This is what I see every day on my journey from my apartment to the Advertising Agency where I work:

The view from my window:

Life in Germany_04 (I must say that I LOVE it when it snows. Everything looks so pretty!)

Some cute houses on my street and neighbourhood:

Life in Germany_02 Life in Germany_03  Life in Germany_05

Then I jump on the subway and a couple of stations later, I’m standing opposite the Town Hall in the city centre:

Life in Germany_06

I walk past some of the gorgeous canals by the river. They look like this during the winter:

Life in Germany_07

And like this during spring:

Life in Germany_08

I pass some very cute shop windows:

Life in Germany_09 Life in Germany_10

And next thing I know, I’m at the agency!

Life in Germany_11

Hamburg is a beautiful city! It reminds me a little of Stockholm: it’s clean, efficient, perfect from every angle and it’s surrounded by water everywhere, which makes it fresh and happy.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, walking around, having lunch or coffee outside and visiting the parks is that much more enjoyable. My next objective is to get a bike so I can enjoy Germany’s (undoubtedly short) summer as much as I can!

Life in Germany_12 (That’s me, happy, baking in the afternoon sun a couple of days ago. :0)

For more details, pictures of Hamburg (and other places too!) and illustrations, you can follow me on Instagram: joanafaria

Lots of love from sunny Deutschland,


This week has been crazy. In between doing advertising and illustration, I have hardly had time to do anything else.

I am currently developing more Willow Magic fashion illustrations for Wardrobe Mistress, which is such a great project! I am also illustrating two children’s books and a book of short stories, which are amazing projects too and VERY demanding. I am so glad Friday is finally here! Though I know the next 2 days won’t be enough for me to do everything I want to do:

I want to draw loads, but I also want to go out and enjoy the weather (preferably without the pollen allergies)

Black markers on recycled paper

I want to finish the books I am reading

Just a quick note on this last beauty: Le journal du petit poucet or “The diaries of Tom Thumb is a French children’s book. It is so adorable and funny, I’m completely obsessed. Every page is stunning to look at. The illustrations are by Rebecca Dautremer, who is one of my favourite artists (I’ve talked about her before here) and it was written by Philippe Lechermeier. Unfortunately it is not available in English yet (I have it in Portuguese) but it should be very soon.

I usually read about 4-5 books at the same time, which is very chaotic but it’s how I like it. From trashy novels (love them!) to classics (love them too!), it takes me ages to read them, but in my defense, I always finish every single one.

I want to take pictures

Source: Unknown, but if anyone knows, please tell me.

I want to see something pretty

Source: Me! (and my camera).

I want to hear something magical

Hello lover…the one and only Mr. Bowie. Photographed by David Wedgbury

I want to taste something wonderful

Source: Amazing Swedish photographer Maria Kallin. Go check her work!

And finally, I want to sleep and sleep and sleep…

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love this film? Is there?

How about you? What do you want to do this weekend? :)

Lots of love from Lisbon


// Girls and the coming of spring

// I have finished a series of girl characters that I’ll soon get framed and, (with the exception of one or two that I might keep for myself), will put up for sale and also give away as presents to friends. The recycled paper I used was very special. Don’t be fooled by these lousy scans. This paper is very thick and has this amazing rough texture, so the overall effect is rather nice.


As to the frames, I am thinking about going for those deep box frames, with the image stuck right at the back. I always think they look good in a room. When I go to someone’s house and see this sort of frame, I usually find myself walking towards it to see what’s inside. Anyway, I hope they’ll look cute.

// Spring is definitely here. I can feel it in the air! – And by that I really mean I can feel it in my nose. I simply cannot stop sneezing! It’s so annoying, I almost wish it was winter again. However, despite the hay fever, the pollen allergies and the sneezing, I know that spring brings a fresh wave of joy to a lot of people. And on top of that, I know spring inspires the creation of beautiful things.

These lovely and romantic hair clips by Hunter Gatherer, for example.

These beautiful images by Photographer Yvette Inufio:

I love her work! She makes any object look special. No matter how normal or banal it might seem. Don’t forget to check her flickr album for more pics.

And these delightful illustrations by the Lab Partners, a San Francisco-based studio run by husband and wife Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec.

So many creative and talented people out there and so much inspiration all around, I really shouldn’t complain about the pollen and the sneezing, right?

Let’s enjoy spring!

Lots of love from Lisbon.

// Summer is here

It might be cold and raining outside, but today I am thinking of summer.

I just published a new piece of illustration for a review of the new Spring/Summer 2011 collections of a selected number of British brands. I was asked to illustrate Aqua.

Image source: Aqua’s online store catalogue. Check out their blog too. It’s cool.

I think their cuts are beautiful, flattering and the colors, so delicious. Although it’s freezing outside, I think some of these dresses could be worn for a Christmas party. Summer is a long way away, after all. It’s seems such a pity to wait that long.

This was the piece I published.

Read the whole review on Amelia’s Magazine.

Lots of love from Lisbon and have a beautiful week.