Hipster in Spain

Some more glimpses my Mediterranean life.

 Mr. Smith is always with me. There’s no changing that.

 Jack White at Razzmatazz

 My gorgeous friend

 Nicolas Jaar at the Apolo

Lots of love from wonderful, amazing, Barcelona…

Blue skies

 Frank Gehry‘s little fish. Possibly one of my favorite sculptures in the world. Stunning.

 Picasso’s murals at the Barcelona Architecture School. Love it.

This is what I see everyday, folks. Lovely blue skies and beautiful architecture. As each day goes by, Barcelona grows on me a little more.

Lots of love.

London Fashion Week – Days 5 and 6

Yay! Just found out I got 3 more illustrations published for London Fashion Week!

One was for Úna Burke‘s leather outfits. Quite kinky really, but great fun to draw.

The others were for the Cooperative Designs runway show.

Both Una Burke’s and Cooperative Designs’ pieces were so original, I loved working with them. It’s great when you get to draw something different from the usual dress/skirt/vintage commissions. Not that I am complaining. I love those too. It’s just fun to draw something completely different. It makes a change.

For the Úna Burke review, go to Amelia’s Magazine. For Cooperative Design, go there too. :)


Tomorrow I’m going away to a much deserved mini-holiday in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. That’s where my mum lives and I am going there to celebrate her birthday. It should be nice and cozy. Santiago is one of my favorite towns in Spain. It’s an ancient medieval town and it’s so beautiful, it hurts.

Photographer: Chasing Daniel

I am looking forward to walking along those narrow streets, sipping red wine with my boyfriend (he’s coming too, of course), visiting some of the art galleries, eating good food. Just having a very relaxing time I suppose, away from computers, away from TV (my mum doesn’t own one) and away from advertising. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? :)

I am bringing my moleskin along and will hopefully have a few nice sketches to post here. Plus, there will be more London Fashion Week illustrations too, so stay tuned!


And finally:

Via The cool Hunter

Have a beautiful week and lost of love from Lisbon.