A few days ago I mentioned here that I have been experimenting quite a lot with objects and patterns. Not just decorative patterns with lots of lines, dots and details, which is usually my thing, but building patterns using separately illustrated objects.

This is one of the pieces I finished recently.

This is quite new to me and I was rather happy with the result. I liked how the watermelons turned out, their colors and their particular imperfections in terms of sizes and angles.

Then, just for fun, I decided to test the pattern on a few products from my Society 6 gallery.

02_watermelon objects 03_watermelon objects

I thought the result was really sweet. There is something about watermelons that always make me happy. Maybe it’s their summery colors: green and pink is one of the best combinations. Or maybe it’s their shape that resembles a sort of smile in a way, doesn’t it? :0)

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// Hat and Chair

I did this a while back for the Portuguese Jazz & Blues band The Soaked Lamb.
They were launching their new album “Hats and Chairs” and as the group’s pianist is a good friend of mine, this illustration was a present for him.


They are incredible musicians and have a sort of vintage, pre-war era influence to their tracks. Plus they are so beautiful on stage. Have a listen here.

Photography of The Soaked Lamb taken from their website. // Drawing: fine point markers on recycled paper.

// the piano room

The Piano Room foi um desenho que eu fiz inspirado no clássico do Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. A menininha do desenho é inspirada na Daisy Buchanan, uma das principais personagens do livro.  // The Piano Room was a drawing I made inspired by Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby. The girl is inspired by Daisy Buchanan, one of the main characters in the tale. – Fine point marker on recycled paper.