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My “Blogger” illustration is now available in my Society6 shop.


She can be purchased as an art print or on various cute little objects such as pillows, iPad skins, tote bags, etc.


I had originally illustrated her when I was living in New York, 2 years ago. I wasn’t blogging very frequently (It was my first time in New York, you see, and there was so much to do!), but I was drawing a lot, all the time and everywhere!

One of my best friends from there loved this illustration and she would always mention it in our emails and chats. I had forgotten about it for a while until this morning. For some reason, I woke up thinking about it! It took me a while to find it among my several back up folders, but here it is! :0) Looking at it makes me happy. It brings back a lot of good memories.

See it in my shop here.

Lots of love,

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From the White Horse, with Love

From the White Horse, with Love” is a short fiction zine self-published by two friends of mine from New York: Richard Keeshan and the super talented Danielle Blumstein, my roommate when I lived in the East Village.

I did all the illustrations.

White Horse 01 White Horse 02 White Horse 03 White Horse 04 White Horse 05 White Horse 06 White Horse 07 White Horse 08 White Horse 09 White Horse 10 White Horse 11 White Horse 12 White Horse 13 White Horse 14 White Horse 15

The stories are great and the project is very, very cool. I love working on collaborations like this. Always a pleasure.

If anyone is interested, I have a few issues to give away. Message me here and I’ll get in touch!

Lots of Love from Deutschland.

Ich liebe Deutschland

Happy New Year!!

Yes, this is my first blog post of 2013. No, I am not proud of this shameful delay. I do have a good excuse though: my life has gone through so many changes, that I just couldn’t find the time (or the discipline) to sit down and work on this blog. I missed it terribly though, and often thought about it. For me, blogging provides an ideal space, not just to publicize personal work (in my case, illustration and photography), but also to speak a little bit about art, travelling and what inspires me, hopefully inspiring others in return, of course.

So without further ado, this is what happened, in a nutshell:

After New York…

New York



and Barcelona…


I moved to Hamburg, in Germany.


Life has been pretty wonderful (and totally hectic!) and I am very much in love with this city. Work is great, the people are lovely and the city itself is absolutely gorgeous. My next post is going to be about some of the amazing things I’ve been seeing around here and also some illustration work I have done lately. I have tons of stuff to show, so come back and have a look!

Lots of love from Deutschland.

Things I love the most about New York: Brooklyn

I don’t mean the whole of Brooklyn though. This post is specifically about Williamsburg, which I loved so very much.

In Williamsburg there is amazing street art everywhere you look:

 I’m a HUGE fan of street art so this, for me, is pure heaven!

If you’re lucky, you will run across one of these mobile art galleries parked in the middle of Bedford Avenue:

Williamsburg has amazing shops for all things vintage (Beacon’s Closet springs to mind), funky and creative. It’s kind of like Portobelo Road in London, but different, if you know what I mean. (Maybe that only makes sense to me, but there you have it.)

In Williamsburg, you can find anything from the fun and quirky:

To the amazing:

Williamsburg also has some great bars, cafes and restaurants.

I didn’t manage to visit every single one of them, that would be impossible, but I particularly loved Juliette’s, Marlow & Sons and The Union Pool. – This last one is great for live gigs! I definitely recommend it.

 Old friends catching up at the Union Pool. :)

And the view, of course. How could I forget? Williamsburg has some of the best views of Manhattan.

If I ever moved to New York for good (one can hope, of course), I would definitely be torn between Williamsburg in Brooklyn or the West Village in Manhattan. Both areas are delightful, charming and oh, so cute.

And that’s it for Williamsburg, folks.

I still have tons of material on Brooklyn (DUMBO, the Brooklyn bridge, etc), but that will come later.

I may be back in Europe already, but my heart is still in New York. I miss it so much! New York surpassed every single expectation I had. The few months I lived over there were absolutely incredible and not nearly enough to satisfy my cravings and curiosity. It’s not like London, it’s not like Paris it’s not like Sydney and it’s not like São Paulo. It’s completely different and familiar at the same time. New York is not an imitation of anything. It’s completely unique. Everyone should go at some point. Definitely!

Lots of love.

Things I love the most about New York: Chelsea

I am back in Europe now, and thinking back about my days in New York and all the things that I enjoyed the most over there. With that in mind, I decided to start this list with Chelsea.

During my three-month stay in the city, Chelsea was one of the places that I kept going back to. All the time, actually. I think I got a little addicted to it.

I found Chelsea simply amazing. It gives you access to creative work that otherwise you wouldn’t even know existed.

It’s never boring. The galleries change their collections every Thursday so every week there’s something completely new to see. From paintings and collage…

To photography…

To sculpture.

I have a constant hunger for inspiration and seeing creative work feeds it. New York is ideal in that way. It has so much going on that you simply feel an obligation to make the most of it. There is no such a thing as staying at home on a Saturday afternoon. It is not even an option. There is always somewhere to go and something to see.

Chelsea is an eternal, ongoing circle of creativity. Nothing lasts more than a week, true, so it has something shallow and superficial about it, but at the same time, it forces you almost to have a sense of duty to go and see art. Chelsea gives you a deadline and you don’t want to miss out.

 Me, the happy Chelsea addict. :0)

Lots of love.