My Book – Tales of the Sunset

You know that list of “Things to do before you die“? Today I am crossing one of them out.
I am publishing a book. Yes, a BOOK.
I am so proud and delighted that it’s all finally come together. It’s a labor of love between 2 incredibly gifted writers from Brazil: Rita Paschoalin and Luciana Nepomuceno, and of course, myself – the illustrator.

The book is entitled “Tales of the Sunset“. It’s a wonderful collection of illustrated short stories about women from all walks of life: some are romantic, some are wicked and others are just plain weird and insane! It’s in Portuguese and it’s beautifully written.

We are kicking off our book tour in numerous cities in Brazil starting in December (more details to follow) and it’ll also be available for purchase online in all the usual channels, with deliveries from the 17th December 2013 onwards.

This is the cover, illustrated by me:

Tales of Sunset_cover

I am a book worm so you can only imagine how thrilled I am. Brazilian literature is so rich, to be able to contribute to this world is overwhelming to say the least.

I’ll be posting some of the illustrations here. There are TONS of them. In the meantime, you can visit our official facebook page.

Sabe aquela lista de “Coisas para fazer antes de morrer”? Hoje eu posso riscar uma delas.
É uma alegria anunciar o lançamento do meu primeiro livro de contos ilustrados. Sim: UM LIVRO.

Aqui está ele: Contos do Poente, pela Editora Sinergia, do grupo Ediouro.

São dezoito contos da Rita Paschoalin e da Luciana Nepomuceno, todos ilustrados por mim.

Vai ser lançado agora em Dezembro, em diversas cidades do Brasil, e já está disponível para pedidos online, com entrega a partir do dia 17 de dezembro. (Christmas time!)

Não consigo me conter de felicidade.

Todos os detalhes, na nossa página do facebook.

Before they grow up – second collaboration

This is my second week collaborating with Brazilian blog “Antes que eles creçam” (“Before they grow up“). It’s such a cute project , I love it.


antes que eles crescam

Before they grow up

This is a new collaboration I have started with “Antes que eles creçam” (“Before they grow up“), a wonderful Brazilian blog about children, families, women and all things creative and inspiring.

One of the founders, Cristina Leão, is a good friend of mine and one of the most talented writers I have ever met. This blog is in Portuguese though, so not everyone will be able to enjoy it, but do take my word for it: it’s great.

I will be illustrating a section of the blog called “Historinhas para sonhar” (“Tiny tales to make you dream” – something like that). Every week there will be a new story and one illustration. Here is the first one, published yesterday:


Zooming in:



More to come next week.


From the White Horse, with Love

From the White Horse, with Love” is a short fiction zine self-published by two friends of mine from New York: Richard Keeshan and the super talented Danielle Blumstein, my roommate when I lived in the East Village.

I did all the illustrations.

White Horse 01 White Horse 02 White Horse 03 White Horse 04 White Horse 05 White Horse 06 White Horse 07 White Horse 08 White Horse 09 White Horse 10 White Horse 11 White Horse 12 White Horse 13 White Horse 14 White Horse 15

The stories are great and the project is very, very cool. I love working on collaborations like this. Always a pleasure.

If anyone is interested, I have a few issues to give away. Message me here and I’ll get in touch!

Lots of Love from Deutschland.