This week’s specials

Here is a little list of the things I loved this week:

These two films

film posters

One French, one Italian. One is a “coming of age” story. The other is about the chaos and emptiness of life. They could not be more different. I loved them both.

Emma and Adele

This book

Testino_1 Testino_2

I originally bought this book to give away as a birthday present, but I loved it so much that I shamelessly decided to keep it for myself. (To be honest, this book is not even new. I should have bought it years ago!)

The images show Mario Testino‘s vision so obviously, everybody in the book is absolutely stunning. Not all Brazilians look like that, I’m afraid. Then again, I don’t think that’s really the point… the photographs are able to capture the spirit of Rio, which is this unique way of looking at life and being in the world, and a certain sensuality ingrained in the culture. Anyone who’s been there knows what I am talking about. The images are grainy, steamy and magical. You can almost taste the salty air. It’s a gorgeous book!

pictures_01 pictures_02 pictures_03 pictures_04

This airplane

This is the airplane that will carry the Brazilian team during the WorldCup. Painted by Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gêmeos (meaning: the twins). I adore it. Go Brazil! :0)

airplane airplane_small_images

And speaking of twins, it was my brother’s birthday this week. We are officially the same age! Just for a few days, then it will be MY birthday. Last year I was in Hamburg. The year before I was in Switzerland and the year before that, I was in Lisbon. This year I’m in England, which should be a lot of fun. I just hope it doesn’t rain (too much)! :0)

Have a great weekend.

Witness This

Last Friday I was featured in the art section of the brilliant and oh, so cool Witness This.

Witness this_02

Witness this

This is my favorite part of the feature: “I love the playfulness in Joana’s style. Her drawings are a fun and cheerful world to dive into, and simply put you in a good mood while there is also an element of latent madness residing within. If I was a child again, I would love to have her illustrate my favorite fairy tales… you know what, forget the child, Edgar fuckin’ Allan Poe it is!”

Oh my God, what a GREAT IDEA. Yes, I believe I am going to drop everything and start an Edgar Allan Poe series. It’s too tempting. And extremely flattering. – Thank you guys!

Read the whole feature here, and for everything cool, creative and inspirational, check out the rest of the page here. Some of the most interesting content I have seen in ages!

Dream Town Project: 2 days to go…

Ticket to Dream Town and passport is all set (YES!). Now all I need to do is tackle my suitcase.

Things to bear in mind while packing:

♥ It has been snowing in Dream Town. Temperatures ranging from 0 to minus 7. Nothing too dramatic, I guess (I have experienced the minus 20s before so I’m pretty sure I’ll survive), but still: need to pack scarves, coats, hats, boots and gloves. It’ll be weird having come from a 35-plus Celsius summer in Brazil and going to a bellow freezing winter in Dream Town in the space of two weeks. Weird as in good-weird, not bad-weird because to be honest, nothing gets me down these days. Cold: I am not scared of you!

♥ Accommodation is all set. Location is great. Everything seems to be in order. My new flatmates: 2 girls and a chiwawa puppy called Gangster. :) I haven’t had a flatmate since university (boyfriends don’t count as flatmates, do they?), and I haven’t lived with a dog since childhood (I had a beagle called Wendy years ago). I have no idea what to expect, but everyone seems very nice and welcoming. Watch this space.

♥ Illustration material is neatly piled up, just waiting to be included. Markers, sketchbooks, watercolours, laptop, walcom tablet, pencils and paintbrushes. All ready to travel. New business cards are done too. The cutest I’ve ever printed so far! I almost feel sorry to hand them out.

♥ Cameras are ready to go. I was given a Canon G9 as a Christmas present and together with my genius 500D, they make the perfect team: one for proper good images, the other for fun stuff. Note to self: need to empty out all cards to make space for new pictures. My new hometown will be way too irresistible. I’m sure I’ll be snapping away left and right.

♥ Still not sure where I am heading? Here’s another clue:

 Source: here.

Lots of love from Lisbon.


It seems like it’s been a very long time since I last updated this blog.

I finished 2011 in Lisbon, saying goodbye to a really great advertising agency where I’ve worked as an art director for the past 7 years, and also saying goodbye to a lot of very good friends that I made whilst working over there.

I started 2012 in Brazil, in the summer, among friends and family, some of the people I love the most in my life.

I am now packing my bags and heading to a completely new adventure. It involves a new location, a lot of illustration, a lot of walking and gazing around. It’s been a dream and a project of mine for the past 4 years and I can hardly contain myself!

Without giving too much information away, here’s a little clue:

Women in black and white

Source: Everything’s Beautiful Here
Source: Pinterest
Vintage Vogue via Pinterest
Vintage Vogue via Pinterest
Kate via Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Miss Pandora
Source: Pinterest
Illustration by Me
Source: Terry Richardson’s Diary

It’s always wonderful being a woman. Be it in the sun or in the rain, in color or in black and white, it doesn’t matter.

There is always beauty to be had and beauty to behold.