// It all started with a cake

This has been such a beautiful week.
First my boyfriend and I made the most amazing carrot cake in the world. It was soft and moist on the inside and covered in honey and dark chocolate on the outside. So good.
It started off like this:
And then it ended up looking like this:
Which, of course, resulted in this:
That is me, by the way, happily drowning in cake.
Then a few days later, my girls and I received a lovely mention on this gorgeous blog. (By “my girls” I mean the girls I draw).
I was so flattered and so happy to read those wonderful words and comments. It’s amazing to know that people like the work that you do and go out of their way to praise you. Drawing / illustrating is a constant labor of love and things like this just give us that little extra motivation, inspiration and energy to carry on. So thank you Mademoiselle Poirot. You’ve made my week.
Now, for the cherry on the cake (yay! more cake!):
Yesterday I found out I was included on the Hello you Creatives illustration newspaper, which made me so happy! Let me explain: HYC is a network and community of artists. A few weeks ago they produced a newspaper made entirely of illustrations and distributed copies to thousands of Creative Directors and Art buyers all over the world. Illustrators everywhere submitted pieces of work to try to be included in the paper and I got my own little space! It is really tiny but I loved it anyway. – This is such a good initiative. Thank you guys!
Here are some pictures of the paper I grabbed from the HYC facebook page:

That’s my piece! Can you see it? Right page, bottom left. Really tiny, but it’s there!:) – You can see the original drawing here.
It’s been a long week, but a very happy one. I guess home-made cakes bring good luck.
Thank you everyone, for reading this blog and coming here and writing your thoughts and comments. It means a lot to me and always brings a smile to my face.
Warm hugs and a beautiful weekend.