The Piano Room

In preparation for a lovely Arts & Crafts event taking place in London in October (more about that later!), I’ve been going through some of my old illustration pieces.
This one was originally black and white, drawn on very textured recycled paper. Just for fun, I decided to colour it whilst trying to maintain some of the original texture.

Piano room

I was quite happy with the result, I must admit. I don’t usually revisit old illustrations or rework them, but this time, I was glad I did it! I didn’t think the colours would work so it was a nice surprise.

I created this illustration years ago, while I was reading The Great Gatsby. I was inspired by Daisy Buchanan, one of the main characters, though looking back now, I think the style of this illustration is more Jane Austen than Fitzgerald. Check out the original drawing here.

I’ll make a couple of tests to see if this piece works as an Art Print. If it does, I will produce a limited number for my Etsy shop and advertise here so, watch this space! :0)

Lots of love,

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Glastonbury – Day 2

glastonbury title

This is what my second day at Glastonbury looked like:

Bellinis for breakfast. Quite the alcoholic, I know. (I don’t usually do that).


I wasn’t the only one though. I took this picture before 11am!


Wellies and Star Wars leggings? Hell yeah! (Just like the bellinis, I don’t usually do that either.)


Performance artists everywhere.

Glastonbury_Day2_02 Glastonbury_Day2_03 Glastonbury_Day2_04 Glastonbury_Day2_05

Including these very tall dudes…


… and these doctors.


The best sets on the second day were on the Pyramid Stage, so I spent most of the day there.


Me and everybody else.

Glastonbury_Day2_08 Glastonbury_Day2_09 Glastonbury_Day2_10 Glastonbury_Day2_11

I saw Lana

Glastonbury_Day2_15 Glastonbury_Day2_16

Robert Plant


And Jack White!

Glastonbury_Day2_18 Glastonbury_Day2_19

This was the THIRD TIME I saw Jack White playing live! I can’t get enough of him.

He is totally unpredictable. Never expect him to play a lot of stuff from the White Stripes (apart from Seven Nation Army, I guess. – He always seems to play that at the end), and never expect his stuff to sound just like it does in the albums. He always creates new versions of his songs on the spot and nothing ever sounds the same. Everything he plays sounds great though. His guitar has this distinctive quality. It sounds dirty and scratchy, like something being played in a garage. It feels like that’s what true Rock n’ Roll is supposed to sound like! Oh, and did I mention his energy? He is an absolute ANIMAL on stage! And so good-looking… Right, I’m starting to sound like a groupie. Moving on…


After Jack, I decided not to stay for the Metallica set. I saw a bit of The Pixies, a bit of MGMT and checked out some of the after-parties:

The Silver Hayes had these incredible light structures inspired by Stonehenge.


And then there was Shangri-La


Shangri-La is this enormous installation in the form of a fictional city that has been destroyed by an apocalypse of some kind. It’s divided into three different music arenas: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. It’s also the home of Block 9, the UnfairGround and The Common, all weird and insane late night music venues.

Glastonbury_Day2_22 Glastonbury_Day2_23 Glastonbury_Day2_24 Always cool to spot an Obey! This one was right in the middle of Shangri-la. (Above)Glastonbury_Day2_25

Taking photos at night didn’t seem like such a good idea at the time. The ground was slippery (Mud! Mud everywhere!), it was dark and as usual, there were lots of people. I was worried about dropping my camera or my phone, so I kept them safe inside my bag for most of the night. Big mistake! That won’t happen next time. These places were full of cool posters and amazing sculptures everywhere, all made of metal, parts of cars, parts of airplanes, neon lights, scary looking bits taken from old funfair rides, etc. Shangri-La deserves proper pictures and a proper post!


What comes next? Day 3.

I saw The Black Keys – one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Glastonbury in the first place! I also saw The 1975, Dolly Parton, Kasabian and took tons of photos of the famous Arcadia Spider. Stay tuned for more Glastonbury madness!

Click here for Day 1.

I was dancing when I was twelve

Some time ago I was commissioned to create illustrations for LA-based children fashion label Kidzmoon. I was asked to develop six illustrations for their new collection.

It was such a fun and delightful project, one of the best I have ever done. Here are the characters and designs I produced and their initial sketches:

The Rio Chick

The Tokyo Boy

Lisbon Lady

New Yorker

The Italian

The Brit

There are still tons of potential characters and designs to be created, so I have the feeling that this will be an ongoing project. The Kidzmoon team is wonderful and the illustrators working on the other collections are a truly talented bunch!

Here are some t-shirt samples:

The Kidzmoon Stand at the ENK Children’s Club in New York:

  I love the panels of my Tokyo Boy and Italian Girl on the left hand side. CUTE!

And some gorgeous models. :0)

This was a happy project. I’m very proud of how everything turned out and can’t wait to draw more!

Lots of love from Switzerland.

Bunny ear fetish

Source: Ruben Ireland
Source: Amazing Amsterdam-based painter SIT
Source: Pinterest
Natalia Vodianova shot by Mario Testino for Vogue UK May 2008
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Ewan McGregor by Alexi Lubomirski
Source: Soul Hunting
Source: Ricor
Mary Kate. Source: Too Many Grandmas
Source: Pinterest
Gala Darling
Source: Gilded
Source: Rock n’ Roll Bride
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Elsa Peretti by Helmut Newton
Source: Confetti Garden
Illustration by me.

Yup, I think I might have a thing for bunny ears…

Women in black and white

Source: Everything’s Beautiful Here
Source: Pinterest
Vintage Vogue via Pinterest
Vintage Vogue via Pinterest
Kate via Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Miss Pandora
Source: Pinterest
Illustration by Me
Source: Terry Richardson’s Diary

It’s always wonderful being a woman. Be it in the sun or in the rain, in color or in black and white, it doesn’t matter.

There is always beauty to be had and beauty to behold.