New book

Next month will be the launch of “Pele de Dentro” (Translation: “The Skin Inside“), a lovely collection of poems by Brazilian author and journalist Júlia Gaspar. I was commissioned to illustrate the book cover. Take a look:

pele de dentro_01 pele de dentro_02 pele de dentro_03 pele de dentro_04 pele de dentro_05 pele de dentro_06

Book projects are the best! Last year I collaborated with two fantastic writers to create Tales of the Sunset, a beautiful illustrated book of short stories. It’s still one of my favourite projects to date and I think it always will be. There is something about holding a book that you helped create that fills your heart with pride and joy. Plus, I’m a huge book lover, which definitely adds to the general delight!

For “The Skin Inside“, I was also asked to illustrate a couple of the poems, which I think added a really nice touch to the pages. I promised not to post too many spoilers so I’ll hold on to them for a while, if that’s okay. I’ll post my favourites here as soon as the book hits the shelves in a few weeks. Yay! Exciting! :0)

Lots of love,

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Book Tour News

If you follow me on this blog, (or on instagram, or on twitter, or on facebook), you will know that I published a book of illustrated short stories at the end of last year, just before Christmas.

It’s my very first book and I am so excited, I talk about it constantly. I apologise for that. (No, not really, I don’t. It’s awesome! :0)

Tales of Sunset_cover

After the first official launch party in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil, “Tales of the Sunset” is about to go on tour, not to one, not to two, but to THREE different Brazilian cities.

Here are the dates. All other details (exact locations, contacts, times, etc) can be found in our official facebook page, here.

♥ Fortaleza: 30th January

♥ São Paulo: 13th February

♥ Rio de Janeiro: 15th February


If you’re around or close by, come! You have no excuses.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. Living on the other side of the ocean poses a slight problem. However, both authors, Rita Paschoalin and Luciana Nepomuceno will be there, signing autographs, drinking champagne and telling everyone about our story. Our creative process was quite unique. You see, this book was created by three women who don’t even know each other! Each one of us lives in a different country on Earth. We were admirers of each other’s works and one day decided to get together (via skype) and produce a book! The whole thing was a little crazy I admit, but then again, everyone who is willing to publish a book must be a little crazy, right? I was the illustrator who put the project together and I am so very proud of its success.

Now, Brazil is a very big country. We’ll be visiting more cities soon but at the moment, I’ll leave you with these three dates. Come if you can! It’ll be great.

My Book – Tales of the Sunset

You know that list of “Things to do before you die“? Today I am crossing one of them out.
I am publishing a book. Yes, a BOOK.
I am so proud and delighted that it’s all finally come together. It’s a labor of love between 2 incredibly gifted writers from Brazil: Rita Paschoalin and Luciana Nepomuceno, and of course, myself – the illustrator.

The book is entitled “Tales of the Sunset“. It’s a wonderful collection of illustrated short stories about women from all walks of life: some are romantic, some are wicked and others are just plain weird and insane! It’s in Portuguese and it’s beautifully written.

We are kicking off our book tour in numerous cities in Brazil starting in December (more details to follow) and it’ll also be available for purchase online in all the usual channels, with deliveries from the 17th December 2013 onwards.

This is the cover, illustrated by me:

Tales of Sunset_cover

I am a book worm so you can only imagine how thrilled I am. Brazilian literature is so rich, to be able to contribute to this world is overwhelming to say the least.

I’ll be posting some of the illustrations here. There are TONS of them. In the meantime, you can visit our official facebook page.

Sabe aquela lista de “Coisas para fazer antes de morrer”? Hoje eu posso riscar uma delas.
É uma alegria anunciar o lançamento do meu primeiro livro de contos ilustrados. Sim: UM LIVRO.

Aqui está ele: Contos do Poente, pela Editora Sinergia, do grupo Ediouro.

São dezoito contos da Rita Paschoalin e da Luciana Nepomuceno, todos ilustrados por mim.

Vai ser lançado agora em Dezembro, em diversas cidades do Brasil, e já está disponível para pedidos online, com entrega a partir do dia 17 de dezembro. (Christmas time!)

Não consigo me conter de felicidade.

Todos os detalhes, na nossa página do facebook.

Profile Drawings

♥ Sketch of the week

Just scribbling and testing a few profile poses.

Profile drawing has never been my true strength. It’s not fair, because I really love profiles! But anyway, practice makes perfect, so I am always scribbling profiles on my sketchbook. I kind of like how these two came out, especially the eyelashes. Exaggeration is my motto.

♥ Discovery of the week

Now, this is amazing! I just found out about photographer James Mollison’s book “Where children sleep“.

It’s incredible how a simple room can reveal so much about the life, culture and character of a person. It’s even more striking when we are talking about children. James Mollison traveled the globe photographing children and their respective bedrooms. The result is breathtaking. Some of the images are heartbreaking, while others are quirky and sweet. All of them are wonderful. Check them out here.

How about you? What have you discovered this week? :)

// Books and portraits

// I was once asked to draw a portrait of myself.

This was one of the hardest assignments I’ve ever done. For starters, I don’t draw realistically. If I have to draw a particular face, I might get inspired by elements of that face (say the person’s hair, or a pair of glasses) and try to recreate that on paper. Or I might simply go for it, draw a face out of my head and then apply something of the person’s characteristics after I finish (the hair, the glasses). Either way, it’s quite instinctive and not a very clear process at all.

So I did two versions of me. Here’s version one:

And here’s version two:

I can honestly say that these look NOTHING like me! Like the drawings, I have long curly hair, but that’s about it.

I guess that’s the wonderful thing about painting and drawing and art in general. Once you make it, you can call it whatever you want. You are completely and utterly FREE.  :)

// The Book Tour

Remember the book? The one about Fashion illustration showcasing the work of illustrators from all over the world, including myself?

Yup! That’s the one. Remember? Well, yesterday was the first day of Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration UK Book Tour.

First stop was Covent Garden in London. Next stops are as follows:

Edinburgh: 17th May

Brighton: 24th May

Oxford: 25th May

Bristol: 26th May

and back in London on Tuesday 7th June (my birthday!)

There will be delicious goodies, cakes, book editor and publisher Amelia Gregory talking about her work, many fabulous illustrators popping by and oh God, I wish I was there!

Full venue listings and details are here.