Ich liebe Deutschland

Happy New Year!!

Yes, this is my first blog post of 2013. No, I am not proud of this shameful delay. I do have a good excuse though: my life has gone through so many changes, that I just couldn’t find the time (or the discipline) to sit down and work on this blog. I missed it terribly though, and often thought about it. For me, blogging provides an ideal space, not just to publicize personal work (in my case, illustration and photography), but also to speak a little bit about art, travelling and what inspires me, hopefully inspiring others in return, of course.

So without further ado, this is what happened, in a nutshell:

After New York…

New York



and Barcelona…


I moved to Hamburg, in Germany.


Life has been pretty wonderful (and totally hectic!) and I am very much in love with this city. Work is great, the people are lovely and the city itself is absolutely gorgeous. My next post is going to be about some of the amazing things I’ve been seeing around here and also some illustration work I have done lately. I have tons of stuff to show, so come back and have a look!

Lots of love from Deutschland.

Hipster in Spain

Some more glimpses my Mediterranean life.

 Mr. Smith is always with me. There’s no changing that.

 Jack White at Razzmatazz

 My gorgeous friend

 Nicolas Jaar at the Apolo

Lots of love from wonderful, amazing, Barcelona…

Blue skies

 Frank Gehry‘s little fish. Possibly one of my favorite sculptures in the world. Stunning.

 Picasso’s murals at the Barcelona Architecture School. Love it.

This is what I see everyday, folks. Lovely blue skies and beautiful architecture. As each day goes by, Barcelona grows on me a little more.

Lots of love.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This city is way too gorgeous for words… (and fun too!)

I’ll be here until the end of August, under the scorching sun, eating tapas, drinking sangria and attempting to speak some form of Castellano without mixing it with English or Portuguese. It’s almost impossible but unlike the French, the Spanish don’t seem to mind at all. Or maybe it’s just me. They find me so amusing and hilarious, they can’t get mad. (Whatever the reason, I am not complaining. :0)

Lots of love from Catalunya.