Mummyhood after Adland

I LOVE doing illustrations for personal blogs and small online businesses. From the early days of Wardrobe Mistress a few years ago, to So Many Lovely Things recently, and quite a few interesting projects in between, it will always be one of my favourite things to do! It’s fun and the result is immediate: after you deliver the artwork, you’ll see it live a few days later, probably sooner. In a few hours, perhaps! – This is definitely one of the benefits of being an illustrator nowadays: instant reward.

Anyway, this is the header I illustrated for From E to ABC.

From E to ABC_header

For those who don’t know, “E” refers to e: A Novel, by Matt Beaumont, about the everyday life of an advertising agency.

Like me, the blogger, Mrs W used to work in advertising. In fact, we started our careers together as graduates in the same agency in London! I quickly realised that she was bright (exceedingly so!) and hilarious, so we became very good friends.

Her blog is about her journey from the Ad world to motherhood, and she tells it like it is, in her very own brilliant way.

From E to ABC Blog_01 From E to ABC Blog_02

Judging by this header, you can tell that I am going through an objects phase, right? Anyone who knows me or my work, knows that I love drawing girls. (Girls, girls, girls, always girls!) I still do, of course, but I am trying a couple of different things at the moment. Mainly objects and patterns. I’ll post them here very soon!

Read From E to ABC: Mummyhood after Adland here.

Lots of love

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// Weekend Blues

It is my opinion that weekends are absolutely sacred.

Weekends are the only two days that you have all for yourself. You can do whatever you wish. Sleep all day, club all night, go to the gym, eat out with friends, travel, go surfing (not me, though), watch countless movies (definitely me!), visit art galleries, etc. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that today (Saturday), I’m not a happy bunny. I’m at work, sitting on my desk and yes, although I work in advertising (which is supposed to be fun and creative and not serious at all), I still have to do weekends every now and then.

I decided that I was in urgent need of some cheering up, so I went through my illustration files and found these 3 pieces that I absolutely LOVED drawing. I produced them originally to go on the book, but in the end, they didn’t make the final cut. I still like them though as they were such a delight to make.

Ok, I admit that thinking about illustration and looking at these pieces did made me feel a little better, but not quite enough to be cheerful, so I decided to listen to some good music.

Result! There’s just something about listening to “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” that makes me instantly happy. Weird, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Love from Lisbon.