Gingerbread town

I have been walking around Stockholm this summer. The city was warm, sweet and delicious. Here’s the evidence as seen through my eyes (and phone).

Sweden_01 Sweden_02 Sweden_03 Sweden_04b Sweden_05 Sweden_06b Sweden_07b Sweden_08b Sweden_09b Sweden_10b Sweden_11b Sweden_12b Sweden_13b Sweden_14 Sweden_15 Sweden_16

I have been to Sweden quite a few times over the years (I have relatives and many friends over there), but it never gets old. The cute buildings, the pastel palette, the beautiful Swedes with their cool and impeccable sense of style, gorgeous design everywhere, the seafood, the fresh air coming from the islands… I could go on forever. Stockholm is a very interesting and very exciting city. Looking back, I actually think that one of the reasons why I loved Hamburg so much was because it reminded me of Stockholm. Either way, totally worth a visit. I recommend it!

Lots of love,

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Life in Germany

Life in Germany_illustrationIllustration by Me. :0)

Here is a little bit of my life in this wonderful town we call Hamburg. In today’s chapter: “The way to work”.

This is what I see every day on my journey from my apartment to the Advertising Agency where I work:

The view from my window:

Life in Germany_04 (I must say that I LOVE it when it snows. Everything looks so pretty!)

Some cute houses on my street and neighbourhood:

Life in Germany_02 Life in Germany_03  Life in Germany_05

Then I jump on the subway and a couple of stations later, I’m standing opposite the Town Hall in the city centre:

Life in Germany_06

I walk past some of the gorgeous canals by the river. They look like this during the winter:

Life in Germany_07

And like this during spring:

Life in Germany_08

I pass some very cute shop windows:

Life in Germany_09 Life in Germany_10

And next thing I know, I’m at the agency!

Life in Germany_11

Hamburg is a beautiful city! It reminds me a little of Stockholm: it’s clean, efficient, perfect from every angle and it’s surrounded by water everywhere, which makes it fresh and happy.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, walking around, having lunch or coffee outside and visiting the parks is that much more enjoyable. My next objective is to get a bike so I can enjoy Germany’s (undoubtedly short) summer as much as I can!

Life in Germany_12 (That’s me, happy, baking in the afternoon sun a couple of days ago. :0)

For more details, pictures of Hamburg (and other places too!) and illustrations, you can follow me on Instagram: joanafaria

Lots of love from sunny Deutschland,

Draw, Lola, draw

Instagram has made me lazy and I’m afraid I have been neglecting my poor blog. My sketchbook is full of new drawings and experiments and I keep forgetting to post them here. Bad illustrator! Bad!

Here is one of my favorite new scribbles. It’s called “The Cat Lover”.

 Black ink on Moleskine.

New sketches coming up soon.

New York Statements

♥ During my time in this city, I have found that New Yorkers always have a lot to say.

 T-shirt at the Converse store on Broadway.

 Exhibition at the MoMA.

 Exhibition at the MoMA.

 Yes, this guy exists. There was a line of people waiting to talk to him.

 Neither do I, my friend, neither do I.

♥ I have been in New York for two months now. God, where did time go? It seems like it was yesterday that I arrived here, not having a clue what to expect, referring to my map every 5 minutes (“is that downtown or uptown?”), getting lost on the subway and getting high on the energy and excitement of being in the centre of the world.

I am not a true New Yorker yet, but I have definitely grown accustomed to living here. I have a favorite cafe and a favorite Moroccan restaurant in the East Village. I have a favorite bar for Monday nights. I have a favorite cupcake shop in Soho, a favorite arts supply centre, a nail saloon and a bookstore. I don’t have a set routine (the wonderful thing about being an art student) but regarding those places I’ve just mentioned, I’m definitely up for some frequent flyer miles pretty soon.

 Joana Faria, channeling Carrie Bradshaw. :)


New York, I have one month left here. Something tells me I’ll miss the hell out of you when that time is up.