Book Tour News

If you follow me on this blog, (or on instagram, or on twitter, or on facebook), you will know that I published a book of illustrated short stories at the end of last year, just before Christmas.

It’s my very first book and I am so excited, I talk about it constantly. I apologise for that. (No, not really, I don’t. It’s awesome! :0)

Tales of Sunset_cover

After the first official launch party in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil, “Tales of the Sunset” is about to go on tour, not to one, not to two, but to THREE different Brazilian cities.

Here are the dates. All other details (exact locations, contacts, times, etc) can be found in our official facebook page, here.

♥ Fortaleza: 30th January

♥ São Paulo: 13th February

♥ Rio de Janeiro: 15th February


If you’re around or close by, come! You have no excuses.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. Living on the other side of the ocean poses a slight problem. However, both authors, Rita Paschoalin and Luciana Nepomuceno will be there, signing autographs, drinking champagne and telling everyone about our story. Our creative process was quite unique. You see, this book was created by three women who don’t even know each other! Each one of us lives in a different country on Earth. We were admirers of each other’s works and one day decided to get together (via skype) and produce a book! The whole thing was a little crazy I admit, but then again, everyone who is willing to publish a book must be a little crazy, right? I was the illustrator who put the project together and I am so very proud of its success.

Now, Brazil is a very big country. We’ll be visiting more cities soon but at the moment, I’ll leave you with these three dates. Come if you can! It’ll be great.