From the White Horse, with Love

From the White Horse, with Love” is a short fiction zine self-published by two friends of mine from New York: Richard Keeshan and the super talented Danielle Blumstein, my roommate when I lived in the East Village.

I did all the illustrations.

White Horse 01 White Horse 02 White Horse 03 White Horse 04 White Horse 05 White Horse 06 White Horse 07 White Horse 08 White Horse 09 White Horse 10 White Horse 11 White Horse 12 White Horse 13 White Horse 14 White Horse 15

The stories are great and the project is very, very cool. I love working on collaborations like this. Always a pleasure.

If anyone is interested, I have a few issues to give away. Message me here and I’ll get in touch!

Lots of Love from Deutschland.

3 thoughts on “From the White Horse, with Love

  1. I’m interested! I love your illustrations and the snippets of the stories you shared have intrigued me. I’m in Canada! Looking forward to your message. :)

  2. I am interested too! My God you are so talented. I love your illustrations. I wish you could return to NY!!!! Please send an issue, please!!!! Angelica (Eloise’s sister)

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