I was dancing when I was twelve

Some time ago I was commissioned to create illustrations for LA-based children fashion label Kidzmoon. I was asked to develop six illustrations for their new collection.

It was such a fun and delightful project, one of the best I have ever done. Here are the characters and designs I produced and their initial sketches:

The Rio Chick

The Tokyo Boy

Lisbon Lady

New Yorker

The Italian

The Brit

There are still tons of potential characters and designs to be created, so I have the feeling that this will be an ongoing project. The Kidzmoon team is wonderful and the illustrators working on the other collections are a truly talented bunch!

Here are some t-shirt samples:

The Kidzmoon Stand at the ENK Children’s Club in New York:

  I love the panels of my Tokyo Boy and Italian Girl on the left hand side. CUTE!

And some gorgeous models. :0)

This was a happy project. I’m very proud of how everything turned out and can’t wait to draw more!

Lots of love from Switzerland.

One thought on “I was dancing when I was twelve

  1. Óin!!! Ah, que lindo, Joana! Eu quero!!! Nossa, parabéns, querida, que orgulho de você!!

    Muito, muito legal. As ilustrações estão maravilhosas e você deu a cara dos lugares aos personagens, just perfect. <3

    Parabéns mesmo, show de bola. :-)


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