New York Statements

♥ During my time in this city, I have found that New Yorkers always have a lot to say.

 T-shirt at the Converse store on Broadway.

 Exhibition at the MoMA.

 Exhibition at the MoMA.

 Yes, this guy exists. There was a line of people waiting to talk to him.

 Neither do I, my friend, neither do I.

♥ I have been in New York for two months now. God, where did time go? It seems like it was yesterday that I arrived here, not having a clue what to expect, referring to my map every 5 minutes (“is that downtown or uptown?”), getting lost on the subway and getting high on the energy and excitement of being in the centre of the world.

I am not a true New Yorker yet, but I have definitely grown accustomed to living here. I have a favorite cafe and a favorite Moroccan restaurant in the East Village. I have a favorite bar for Monday nights. I have a favorite cupcake shop in Soho, a favorite arts supply centre, a nail saloon and a bookstore. I don’t have a set routine (the wonderful thing about being an art student) but regarding those places I’ve just mentioned, I’m definitely up for some frequent flyer miles pretty soon.

 Joana Faria, channeling Carrie Bradshaw. :)


New York, I have one month left here. Something tells me I’ll miss the hell out of you when that time is up.


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