The Wives of Eldridge and goodbye to the Lower East Side

♥ The Wives of Eldridge are the two most wonderful people I have met so far in this city: my two roommates from New Zealand, Geri and Debbie.

 From left to right: me, Geri and Debbie at Fontana’s.

In between drinking Bloody Marys all night, brunching on Sundays, making videos that make no sense at all, laughing our heads off and sharing our love for New York City, I’ve had the best time with these ladies!

Unfortunately, I had to leave them and the Lower East Side behind. Jonathan (also from New Zealand) has replaced me. It was all pre-arranged before I came to town so I already knew that I only had one month with the girls. I still hate him though! (Not really. I could never hate him. He is lovely).

Here are some of our best moments:


This is Gangster! He is Geri’s puppy and I love him so much, I actually considered stealing him. Still considering it really…

Hot Rabbit is a Friday night party in the East Village that plays the best music! Debbie and I met this random gay guy at the bar and had the best interaction with him. It went something like this:

Random gay guy at the bar: “Are you girls a couple?”

Debbie and I: “Oh… No. We’re straight. We’re just hanging out.”

Random gay guy at the bar: “Oh really? Oh my God, you’re so beautiful! I bet straight men can’t appreciate just how gorgeous you are!”

Debbie and I (laughing and very much agreeing with him): “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! Yeah…That’s so sweet!”

Random gay guy at the bar: “Don’t worry, you will be safe here. No one is gonna try to grab your butt!”

Debbie and I: “Er… Okay….”

Random gay guy at the bar: “Mind you… I might try to grab your butt later on!”

He was a hilarious human being.

That’s Debbie and I at Hot Rabbit. And no, no one tried to grab our butts.

I am not a whisky drinker at all, and I never thought I would say this, but this NY shot has grown on me: Jameson and Pickle Juice. Despite my initial reluctance, Geri managed to get me to try it. It’s pretty yummy. Thanks Geri!

This is us having a drink at Welcome to the Johnson’s. (Good thing that we lived just across from all these cool bars. Crawling home afterwards was never a problem!)

Good bye, wives! I loved being your roommate. Thank you for making my first month in New York so amazing. You guys rock! Good thing I’m only moving a few blocks up. Otherwise I would miss you too much.

♥ So, to start a new chapter in my New York story, I have moved to the East Village. More specifically, to St. Mark’s Place, which is just as cool as the Lower East Side. Photos, information and recommendations will be posted very soon. Stay tuned.

Lots of love from the East Village.

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