The Texas Diary continued

♥ In Houston you can find this:

(which is really quite amazing)

NASA Mission Control Centre, minus Ed Harris – This annoyed me slightly. I mean, where was he?! Don’t these people have work to do?

♥ But Houston also has this:

Mosaic tiles on a car? An absolute must-have work of art. Genius.

I loved seeing those True Blood type houses. They are pretty, extremely well looked after and quite mysterious. – But I think that’s probably because I didn’t see anyone outside: no children playing in the garden, no dogs, nothing. The weirdest thing! These residential areas are so cute and the weather was perfect. Oh well, I guess everyone was at Pappasito’s.

Now, Pappasito’s was definitely my favorite joint. The place was crammed and the food was your typical Tex-Mex trash: greasy, spicy and oh, so tasty! We also had the cutest waiter: when I told him I had flown in from Portugal he got all excited and said I was the first “Portugalian” he had ever met. Aw… (ouch!)

One word of advice: beware of all portion sizes in Texas. They are HUMONGOUS.

This is me, NOT caring about portion sizes in Texas. I did consider my caloric intake for one second and then decided not to worry about it after all. Typical!

♥ Back in New York, in my studio, a.k.a. The Kitchen: a watercolor illustration experiment.

These experiments are fun and a good way for me to get more familiar and comfortable with watercolors. I find that the more I play with it, regardless of the end result, the more I like it.

That’s it for today, folks!

Coming up: Leaving the Lower East Side, Manhattan from bellow, The Ice Skating Seagull and tons of pictures! Stay tuned for more New York adventures.

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