Week 2 in New York City

♥ Super Bowl Fun at Mama’s Bar in the East Village.

I love the look of American Football. The camera moves are amazing, as if the whole game was directed by Spike Lee or something. Oh and yeah, I still don’t know anything about it. I had fun watching it though.

 My friend Dom being hilarious.

♥  And in the meantime, in my own personal painting studio, a.k.a. “The Kitchen”:

My very first proper watercolor painting. Yay!

Watercolors are so incredibly difficult to control. I am used to sharp pencils and very fine point markers which give me as much control as possible over my illustrations. I do love the opacity and transparency effects you get from watercolors, though. In fact, I am slightly obsessed with them.

I am working on a huge painting at the moment. It’s giving me a lot of headaches, but I shall not give up on it just yet… :)

Lots of love from the Lower East Side.


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