Life in the Lower East Side, NYC

 The happy New Yorker :0)

I have been living in NYC for exactly one week today.

Having never been here before, I simply can’t help falling in love with this city. It is everything I imagined it to be and more. Here are a few thoughts:

 Hello, new neighborhood.

I’ve been living in the Lower East side, in a wonderful (and huge!) apartment just blocks away from… er… absolutely everything! All things fun, trendy and gorgeous are walking distance from where I am sitting right now, writing on my laptop. I still pinch myself in the mornings, every time I leave the building and spot the Chrysler from my doorstep. Amazing!

♥ Hello, new roommates.

I am sharing my wonderful (and huge!) apartment with two lovely girls from New Zealand: Geri and Debbie. Not only are they nice and incredibly helpful, they are also fun, talented and gorgeous! I haven’t had a roommate since my university years and was very lucky to find them. These chicks rock!

This is my other roommate: Gangster. He is one very classy, sophisticated and well-behaved New Yorker. (I might steal him when I leave, actually. He’s just too cute.)

♥ Hello, walking boots.

I have been walking absolutely everywhere since I got here. The subway is pretty straight forward and the taxis are not expensive at all, but walking is by far the best way to get around. Manhattan is completely flat, which makes everything that much easier. Note to self: consider getting a bicycle at some point. Just for the fun of it.

♥ Hello, Yummy.

This is Katz’s, Anthony Bourdain‘s favourite New York spot and one of my local restaurants. Yes, I tried the classic pastrami sandwich and yes it is AMAZING (and I’m not even that much into red meat). I heard that one can actually LEARN how to make these things! Incredible as it sounds (for I am terrible int he kitchen), I wouldn’t mind knowing how to cook some of these classics. I might take an online cooking class or something for I am way too embarrassed to cook in front of strangers. This site will definitely have some good options for this type of thing. Who knows? Anthony Bourdain might come and eat at my house one day! :0)

♥ Hello, cool stuff.

Every corner I turn there are vintage shops to be browsed through, gorgeous restaurants and cafés to be tested and art to be seen. One cannot be bored in New York City. It’s simply impossible.

And that’s it for now, folks!

These are only my initial thoughts on this fantastic city. I just started an illustration course at the School of Visual Arts and will be here for the next 3 months, living as an art student in the Lower East Side. Life, my friends, cannot get more exciting than this.

Stay tuned for pictures, illustrations and LOTS of tips as I’ll be collecting information and writing as much as possible about this side of the world.

Lots of love from NYC.


One thought on “Life in the Lower East Side, NYC

  1. Hey do you get an scholarship or do you have paid for that course, i´m looking for an illustration course, if you´re paying for it, how much are you paying for?

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