Dream Town Project: 2 days to go…

Ticket to Dream Town and passport is all set (YES!). Now all I need to do is tackle my suitcase.

Things to bear in mind while packing:

♥ It has been snowing in Dream Town. Temperatures ranging from 0 to minus 7. Nothing too dramatic, I guess (I have experienced the minus 20s before so I’m pretty sure I’ll survive), but still: need to pack scarves, coats, hats, boots and gloves. It’ll be weird having come from a 35-plus Celsius summer in Brazil and going to a bellow freezing winter in Dream Town in the space of two weeks. Weird as in good-weird, not bad-weird because to be honest, nothing gets me down these days. Cold: I am not scared of you!

♥ Accommodation is all set. Location is great. Everything seems to be in order. My new flatmates: 2 girls and a chiwawa puppy called Gangster. :) I haven’t had a flatmate since university (boyfriends don’t count as flatmates, do they?), and I haven’t lived with a dog since childhood (I had a beagle called Wendy years ago). I have no idea what to expect, but everyone seems very nice and welcoming. Watch this space.

♥ Illustration material is neatly piled up, just waiting to be included. Markers, sketchbooks, watercolours, laptop, walcom tablet, pencils and paintbrushes. All ready to travel. New business cards are done too. The cutest I’ve ever printed so far! I almost feel sorry to hand them out.

♥ Cameras are ready to go. I was given a Canon G9 as a Christmas present and together with my genius 500D, they make the perfect team: one for proper good images, the other for fun stuff. Note to self: need to empty out all cards to make space for new pictures. My new hometown will be way too irresistible. I’m sure I’ll be snapping away left and right.

♥ Still not sure where I am heading? Here’s another clue:

 Source: here.

Lots of love from Lisbon.


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