More illustrations for Fashion Africa

Hello, my lovelies. Sorry for my absence lately. After a very hectic illustration marathon for London Fashion Week, I decided to take a breather from the blogosphere. My life has been a little crazy these last few days so I took a few days off to reboot.

Do bear with me though, as I have a lot of new and exciting illustrations to post!

Let me start by showing you one of the pieces I did for Fashion Africa, the book by fashion designer Jacqueline Shaw.

This piece was to illustrate the chapter about Nigerian label and designer Ituen Basi.

I LOVE the colors. Aren’t they beautiful? I believe it is not humanly possible to be unhappy if one is wearing this dress.

Image source: Illustration Rally
Image Copyright – Jacqueline Shaw

Fashion Africa is available to buy here.


And because it’s Monday…

Image source: Pinterest.

Stay tuned for more illustration goodies!

Wishing you a great week.

Lots of love from sunny Lisbon.

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