London Fashion Week S/S 2012 – Day 3

For my third London fashion Week assignment, I was asked to illustrate two designers for the article “Ones to watch”, which featured some exciting new talent. My designers (and illustrations) were as follows:

Alice Lee

Check out Alice’s designs here.

Phoebe English

Check out Phoebe’s collection here.

Both designers were so different, I really wanted to try to capture that in the illustrations. Alice is very wearable and very girlie whilst Phoebe’s designs are an intriguing mixture of sculpted fabrics with a raw and unfinished feel to them.

Well, I’m not a fashion critic, but judging by the pictures I think both designers put on good shows. Way to go, girls!

Read the article and see all the pictures in Amelia’s Magazine.

Stay tuned for Day 4 of London Fashion Week!


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