Finally Friday

Last week was the launch of Fashion Africa, a book about African Fashion Design by writer and designer Jacqueline Shaw.

I was one of the illustrators invited to take part in the project and I did A LOT of illustrations! It was such a great project, I just couldn’t help it! I posted a few pieces last week, but here are a few more. This time, for London-based African fashion label Zed-Eye.

Photo from the launch. Image source: The African Fashion Guide

The launch was a great success and the book is already available to order. You can buy it online here.


Yes, I know it received some bad reviews, but I don’t really care. I’m in love with The Kennedys.

I don’t know how historically accurate it is, but I think it’s well produced, it has an amazing plot, a good cast and great wardrobe.

I’ve never been a fan of Katie Holmes but I like her as Jackie. She is not perfect and she’s certainly a little stiff, but it’s a fantastic role and I’ve never seen her in anything remotely good. The men are great though, especially Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr. (He’s always good, actually, in every role he plays). Either way, I’m hooked. – Plus, it’s a nice break from True Blood (yes, I’m addicted to that one too, I’m afraid), so I highly recommend it.

Image source: Reelz Channel


Oh, and before I forget:

Couldn’t agree more! – Via Pinterest.

Have a nice and sunny weekend, everyone. And to my friends in London: enjoy Fashion Week! I’m slightly jealous. You know I am.

Lots of love from Lisbon.

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