It’s so warm and sunny here in Lisbon, I wish I had a puppy I could take out for a walk and play with.

Illustration by Me. I used black markers on plain white paper.

Back in Brazil, my brother had a beagle when we were kids. Her name was Wendy and she was the cutest dog in the world. So beautiful, I can’t even begin to describe her. She had these huge ears and she was white with light brown and black patches all over. Something like this:

Via Pinterest.

Having said that, however, she was also naughty, disobedient and completely impossible to train. A perfect nightmare! I guess we were too young to realize how much work goes into taking care of a puppy and she was a handful!

At some point I would love to have a dog again. Maybe not as mischievous as a beagle (unless I live in a house with a big backyard), but maybe a smaller breed like a pug or a dachshund. I think cats are gorgeous, but I’m definitely a dog person! :)


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