Joana’s travel bug #1: Sydney

I have been looking at some of my old travel pictures and stumbled across some snaps from Down Under.

I went there a few years ago, just after new years, and fell completely in love with it. What a gorgeous city! The people are friendly (and breathtakingly beautiful!), the weather was incredible and the food was great. I remember that I consciously decided not to go into any museums or art galleries (very unlike me) and just spent the days walking around town and enjoying the sun.

This is what I saw:

I totally recommend it as a place to visit. It’s far away and a bit of a pain to get to (from Europe at least), but it’s so worth it! I had a few stop overs on the way there, (Singapore and Brisbane) and stayed a few nights in each place. This made a huge difference and I was able to recover from jet lag and get into the new time zone a lot quicker.

I took very few pictures during this holiday. I didn’t have a very good camera and wasn’t really motivated to click away. Sydney is irresistible, though. I couldn’t help it in the end.

Loved every second of it.

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