Profile Drawings

♥ Sketch of the week

Just scribbling and testing a few profile poses.

Profile drawing has never been my true strength. It’s not fair, because I really love profiles! But anyway, practice makes perfect, so I am always scribbling profiles on my sketchbook. I kind of like how these two came out, especially the eyelashes. Exaggeration is my motto.

♥ Discovery of the week

Now, this is amazing! I just found out about photographer James Mollison’s book “Where children sleep“.

It’s incredible how a simple room can reveal so much about the life, culture and character of a person. It’s even more striking when we are talking about children. James Mollison traveled the globe photographing children and their respective bedrooms. The result is breathtaking. Some of the images are heartbreaking, while others are quirky and sweet. All of them are wonderful. Check them out here.

How about you? What have you discovered this week? :)

2 thoughts on “Profile Drawings

  1. I think your sketches are great! Nothing wrong with the profile ones :-) As for the kids and their bedrooms: it looks brilliant, but I’m certain that nobody would want to see my son’s bedroom ;-) xo

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