Happy pastels

♥ This week I surprised myself by purchasing a pink dress.

 Illustration by me.

Last time I owned a pink dress, I must have been 12 years old. I love pinks but I’ve always been more inclined towards the grays, blues and blacks. I’m happy and excited about this dress, though. Pinks (and pastels in general) are such happy colors, plus a change is always nice, right?

♥ Gorgeous pastels and inspiring ideas:

 Lovely photographs by Krista Keltanen – Her blog is adorable!
 Via Pinterest.
 Teacup bracelets? I LOVE them! From Anthropologie, via AnthropoloGirl
 Vintage PSA Airlines photograph. Via Pinterest.
 Dream Jar and the most beautiful dress int he world. Both via Pinterest.
 Editorial via Pinterest.
  I want this so badly! Via Coqueterías.
 Typography by Elissa Hudson.

Have a beautiful weekend, my lovelies.


4 thoughts on “Happy pastels

  1. Love your artt! and pink! and Pinterest! My daughter is making her bedroom furniture from pallets at this very moment…darn Pinterest. We’re both addicted and it’s driving my poor husband crazy. We’ve broken one saw and dropped his hammer in a gallon of paint. We baked the brownies with the Oreos in the center too…warning-Pinterest makes you fat. Love your blog!

  2. Hahaha! I know! I’m addicted too. Pinterest is a great tool for references and inspiration. I always find amazing images there.
    Oh, good luck with the bedroom furniture! Sounds like you two are having a lot of fun! :)
    Thank you for your comment and lots of love from Lisbon.

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