Baby Shower Party

♥ The Invitation

Last week I was asked to illustrate an invitation for a friend’s baby shower party. She is extremely pregnant (any minute now!) so I had to turn this around fairly quickly, as the party was a last-minute decision. Regardless of time issues, I LOVED doing this invitation and think it came out very sweet in the end.

Here are a few sketches I did prior to scanning the final drawing. (Before deciding on the teddy bear, I made a few tests with a sleepy bunny and also a baby owl.)

And here is the final drawing in ink, before I added color digitally.

I am going to start posting more work-in-progress images from now on, what do you think? It’s one of my favorite things to see on other illustration blogs and I think it’s inspiring to get a glimpse of how other artists work.

♥ The Party

Presents, flowers, cakes and cocktails. It’s not humanly possible to go wrong with that combination, is it? It was lovely!

Heart shaped butter? Too cute!

The happy mum-to-be. :)

All pictures by me.

The party happened at Cinco, by far the BEST cocktail bar in Lisbon. I recommend their champagne & vanilla mojitos, also known as Milli Vanilli. They are sublime!

The cupcakes were from Tease Bakery. I recommend their lemon cupcake… oh who am I kidding? I recommend every single cake they have! :)


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