Fashion Illustration for Wardrobe Mistress

Hello lovelies,

♥ I am so excited to finally post my latest illustrations of Willow Magic! It’s one of my favorite projects so needless to say, I’m rather proud of these new pieces.

Just to quickly explain, some time ago I was commissioned to create a character and develop some illustration work for the launch of London-based fashion brand Wardrobe Mistress. That’s how Willow Magic was born! (See the first illustrations I did here.)

The brand has been very successful since and the feedback regarding the illustrations has been amazing. (Yaaay!) So to cut a long story short, I was commissioned to develop ten more pieces. Here they are:

I LOVE working on this project and developing new scenarios for Willow. It’s a nice challenge and always an opportunity to do illustration work that’s cute and fun to look at.

♥ Now, this was a nice surprise: Willow is so fashionable, she was featured in Glamour Magazine online this week! How cool is that?

Glamour Mag interviewed Francesca Salih (my lovely client and founder of Wardrobe Mistress) and Willow made a little appearance in the article. Click here for the interview.

See? There she is! :)

♥ All the new images are already live on the Wardrobe Mistress website. Check them out here.




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