Letter to a friend

This is a little letter I wrote to one of my best friends.

It’s a birthday letter, full of extremely silly comments that refer to some of our amusing moments together. Nothing much and quite juvenile, to be honest. I guess the only thing that’s special about this letter is the fact that it’s a LETTER.

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? An actual letter? Paper, envelope, stamps, everything? (Bills don’t count, of course.)

I honestly can’t remember. It’s such a pity. Opening a letter is one of the most thrilling and most glorious occasions in the world. I have a collection of all the letters I received over the years and they make for some very entertaining but also very emotional reading.

I really miss receiving them. It’s weird to think that somewhere along the line, I made the conscious choice to remove something so beautiful and precious from my life in the name of practicality. It’s strange and sad. Why did I do it? I love writing letters! I always re-read a letter. I very rarely re-read an email.

I think we should write to each other. :)




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