So much…

Graphics & photography by Me.

Oui… I really do.

Paris is such a wonderful city, my heart breaks every time I have to leave.

I have been there more times than I can remember but it always feels like it’s the first time. I keep fantasizing about living there and going to all the art galleries, the Boulevard Saint Germain, photographing all the charming little streets, bringing my sketchbook to the gardens… Oh, and learning the language, of course, the most beautiful language in the world.

My French is very basic. Knowing Portuguese certainly helps a little (the grammar rules are sort of similar) but still, French is too precious not to learn it properly. I guess I could enroll at a local language school in Lisbon and take some evening classes, but the idea of learning French whilst not being in France doesn’t feel quite right to me. It’s like eating sugar-free chocolate, or drinking a non-alcoholic cocktail. It feels like the wrong kind of make-believe and it makes me quite sad, really.

I could take some online classes though, that would definitely appeal lot more to me. I could always try to recreate a little Paris in my own home, listening to Edith Piaf whilst doing my homework or eating macaroons whilst pronouncing my Rrrrrs. That is why I recommend one of these online French college classes. Great places to for this type of course. I’ll definitely look into it.

Well, until I am able to put these dreams into motion and go there for real, Paris, I will always love you.


5 thoughts on “So much…

  1. Oh, my dear Joana

    What can I tell you. I have just spent my whole afternoon and beginning of the evening around the lovely streets of St. Germain des Près. I am about to blog about it and, I’ll tell you, this has been by far the bets day to me since I arrived here. I just found THE Paris that has always lived in my mind. I just love that area now and forever.

    Still can’t believe we didn’t manage to meet. :-/


  2. Mon Dieu, this is torture!
    I am happy for you though. This is an incredible opportunity! I am glad you’re making the most of it (and wouldn’t expect differently :0).

    ENJOY and drink a glass of rosé for me!

  3. Ps: Quando eu te mandei aquele sms, eu e a minha amiga estávamos no Café Jade, na St Germain. As paredes são pretas e cheias de nomes de artistas em letras coloridas. Não tem como errar.
    É bem bacana. Vai lá! :) xx

  4. I have never been, and it is my dream to go there some day. I feel your pain. Nice graphic too! May I ask what type/font you used?

  5. Oh, you have to go to Paris! It’s such a wonderful city, and so photogenic. As a photographer you’ll surely love it.
    The font I used is called Greyton Script. I’m glad you liked it. :)

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