Oranges everywhere

Last week I received a new illustration assignment: to color some of the new images I have recently finished for Wardrobe Mistress. – These illustrations are brand new and haven’t been published yet, so I’m keeping them secret for the time being. I hope you don’t mind. :) – Anyway, these new colorful versions will be turned into postcards which is very exciting, as I’ve never done postcards before. Yay! They’ll be all over London and I can’t wait to see them ready!

So, as I was looking for inspiration and trying to decide on my color palette, I kept finding myself being drawn to all things orange. I mean… what? Orange? Really? – This has never happened before. I have always been much more into pastels, nude colors and darker tones. Oh, well I guess inspiration works in weird and magical ways and I think I’ve just discovered my new favorite color. I’m absolutely in love with it.

My orange dress. Source: ME! And my color markers, of course.
Via Habitually Chic
Via Pinterest
Audrey in orange via Bath Water
Source: Pitch Design Union
Via Pinterest
Via Fashion Copious
Orange stairs via Slumber Designs | Orange room source: Claudia Haguiara
Orange stairs via 1262 | Orange phone via Anthropologie
Source: both images via Pinterest
i-D Pre-Spring 2011 via Faking Fashion
Source: ffffound
Source: Mangored
Via Pinterest

Lots of love and orange kisses, from Lisbon


3 thoughts on “Oranges everywhere

  1. Salut Joana, good to see a post from you again. Nothing wrong with orange – all those inspirational photos are great (I especially love the dress sleeve with the bow) and your drawing is fantastic! I hope you’re well, Love from London xo

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