Birthday girls

♥ This week was a very important week. Correction, the 7th of June was a very important day. Why? Because it was my birthday. Hooray!

Marilyn Monroe, also a Gemini, on her 30th birthday, 1st June 1956. Via Pinterest.

Although I’m not really into the whole “getting older and wiser” kind of thing (come on, no proper Gemini is into that sort of stuff and I am as Gemini as it gets!), I am very much into receiving sweet birthday wishes and presents from friends and loved ones.Who isn’t, right?

As I looked through my inbox and facebook page and read all the comments and messages my friends left me, I couldn’t help being happy and proud of knowing so many wonderful people. I know facebook is not really the place one should expect to read sincere words that really come from the heart, but I’m not complaining! It feels good to be remembered and it feels good to know that people took their time to leave me a message (some were really quite creative).

Via Pinterest.

♥ But the very best thing about my birthday is that it’s right next to my best friend’s birthday.

Oh God, I love Juliana. In addition to being a fellow Gemini, this girl is so wonderful, I have no words to describe her. She is coming over from Brazil at the end of the month, and I can’t wait. I’ve known her pretty much all my life. We were inseparable as children and as teenagers, we did everything together: go to the beach, cinema, parties, etc. Everything teenage girls do really. Then my family moved to London, taking me along and we’ve been apart ever since. This was almost twenty years ago.

Of course, we have seen each other many times after that, but only whenever I went back to Brazil for holidays. She has never managed to come and visit me until now. Needless to say, I am so excited! She’s coming over to Portugal for a week, then she’s off to Barcelona and a few days later, we’ll meet again and travel to London and Paris. It’ll be wonderful!

This is us, out and about in Brazil. Juli’s the blonde one, I am the curly-haired one. :)

♥ Women can be very complicated, I know, but as a girl, I still think that having really amazing girlfriends is one of the best things that can happen to you. They are hard to find and very rare. I was very lucky that back in Brazil, I lived across from a number of really wonderful girls who to this day are still my closest friends.

Via Pinterest.

Happy birthday Juli! Love you and miss you lots!


6 thoughts on “Birthday girls

  1. I’m sorry I missed it! Happy (belated) birthday, Joana and to your friend. I know what you mean about life-long friendships and I hope you have a fantastic time together. Lots of Love from London xo

  2. Thank you so much, Lindy! You’re right! They can be just as sincere and just as lovely too.
    Lots of love and hope you’re well in amazing Italy.

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