// Oração – A Banda mais Bonita da Cidade

I just couldn’t resist it. This is a great treat for anyone who understands Portuguese or anyone who likes music in general.

This is an independent band from the south of Brazil and I am completely in love with this song. Independent meaning that they haven’t been signed by any record labels. They do everything themselves. (I think I like them better because of that actually!) Anyway, the whole country is listening to this. I’ve seen hundreds of posts on facebook and twitter. It’s so sweet though and the video is great. Have a look!

The lyrics are very simple and full of joy. I attempted a little translation bellow but like in any translation, things end up not being the same as the original (these words actually rhyme in Portuguese). Oh well, here it goes:


My love, this is the last prayer
To save your heart

The heart is not as simple as you may think
It holds what doesn’t fit inside a cupboard
It holds my love
It holds three life times
It holds a dresser
It holds both of us
It holds this prayer

That’s it! Like I said, very simple. I hope you like it.

More songs and videos here.


3 thoughts on “// Oração – A Banda mais Bonita da Cidade

  1. It is always hard to translate, I know from experience with my Sunday song posts. It is nice to have the gist of the meaning though of what is a lovely song sung in Portugese. I hope they find the success they deserve, thanks for sharing Joana.

  2. Hi Lindy,
    Yes, it’s so hard to do proper translations. Especially when it comes to songs.
    You do an amazing job with your translations from Italian songs. I don’t know how you do it. Well done! :)

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