// Girls and the coming of spring

// I have finished a series of girl characters that I’ll soon get framed and, (with the exception of one or two that I might keep for myself), will put up for sale and also give away as presents to friends. The recycled paper I used was very special. Don’t be fooled by these lousy scans. This paper is very thick and has this amazing rough texture, so the overall effect is rather nice.


As to the frames, I am thinking about going for those deep box frames, with the image stuck right at the back. I always think they look good in a room. When I go to someone’s house and see this sort of frame, I usually find myself walking towards it to see what’s inside. Anyway, I hope they’ll look cute.

// Spring is definitely here. I can feel it in the air! – And by that I really mean I can feel it in my nose. I simply cannot stop sneezing! It’s so annoying, I almost wish it was winter again. However, despite the hay fever, the pollen allergies and the sneezing, I know that spring brings a fresh wave of joy to a lot of people. And on top of that, I know spring inspires the creation of beautiful things.

These lovely and romantic hair clips by Hunter Gatherer, for example.

These beautiful images by Photographer Yvette Inufio:

I love her work! She makes any object look special. No matter how normal or banal it might seem. Don’t forget to check her flickr album for more pics.

And these delightful illustrations by the Lab Partners, a San Francisco-based studio run by husband and wife Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec.

So many creative and talented people out there and so much inspiration all around, I really shouldn’t complain about the pollen and the sneezing, right?

Let’s enjoy spring!

Lots of love from Lisbon.


7 thoughts on “// Girls and the coming of spring

  1. Ah, que post adorável esse, viu.

    Adivinha o que eu vou comprar para presentear minha filha?

    (a) A hair clip
    (b) A framed girl by talented Joana
    (c) A ticket to Paris

    Okay, pick two. Hint: she’s already got lots of hair clips.

    Cheers and, in case you sneeze again, bless you!


  2. Estou tentando, juro que estou. mas não posso passar na frente de um jardim que eu começo a espirrar.
    Obrigada! Que bom que você gostou das meninas. Essas foram muito legais de fazer. :)

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