// Denim Freak

 ♥ I did these illustrations a couple of months ago for a denim-themed magazine. What a great idea, right? A magazine entirely dedicated to denim. Heaven!

The illustrations weren’t published in the end but the magazine is online. Check it out here. It’s very cute.

I am lucky to have a job where I don’t have to dress up everyday in suits, blazers and pencil skirts. Not that I don’t love those, I do, but I am such a denim freak, it’s pretty much my daily uniform. Skinny, flares, shorts, skirts, blue, black, white, it doesn’t matter. I love them all. They are practical, classic and everyone looks good in jeans! Of course there are those (see bellow) who look extraordinary but still, it’s by far the most flexible and flattering garment for daily life.

Some Ladies in denim that I adore:

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver
Vanessa Paradis for Spanish Vogue October 2010
Mademoiselle Bardot
Sienna Miller for Pepe Jeans clicked by Mikael Jansson
Model Jessica Miller as Jane Birkin for Vogue Paris (I love this photo!)
and of course, Kate, clicked by Corinne Day for Calvin Klein

♥ Oh, and just because it’s sunny and the weekend is almost here (yay!):

Via The Cool Hunter

What will you be up to?

Lots of love from Lisbon.


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