// Cupcake illustration is getting famous

The lovely Grace from Liberal Sprinkles wrote a most passionate and enthusiastic blog post about They Draw and Cook. I was very excited when I saw it because I am very passionate about them too. I’ve mentioned them here numerous times and visit their blog at least once a week. They are wonderful!

I was double excited when she contacted me and asked me to be one of the illustrators featured in the article. How cool is that?

Here is the illustration that was featured in the post:

And here is a little bit of what she wrote about it:

” … We all need a little magic in our lives sometimes (all the time would be better but I shouldn’t be greedy) and this artwork makes me feel good in a fairy tale princess sort of way…” – Oh, how sweet is this lady?

Ever since I started publishing my illustrations online, this has been my most featured piece so far on other blogs. I am stunned at the amount of people who have contacted me about this particular drawing. I am incredibly flattered of course, and very glad to find that it is bringing them joy. That’s the whole point of illustration, isn’t it? And the whole point of cupcakes too, I’m sure. :)

Check out the other illustrations (truly amazing stuff) and read the interviews here.


3 thoughts on “// Cupcake illustration is getting famous

  1. Nós todos precisamos de magia e encanto e seus traços trazem isso pra nossas vidas. Todo sucesso e reconhecimento é resultado do seu talento. Bjs

  2. awww Joana, you are so sweet, thank you for the lovely compliment. I really enjoyed writing that post, and I was so happy with the interviews so kindly granted by some of the artists I featured. Those were a few of my favorite illustrations from TDAC, but of course I haven’t seen them all! There is now a TDATravel and since I followed that from the start, I’m getting to see them all as they come in. YAY.
    I love your stuff, I’m not surprised that cupcake illustration is getting a lot of attention, it is gorgeous!!
    Best wishes,

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