// She did it…

… and I love her for it!

Not only did she marry the Prince,

she also got to wear McQueen,

and the vintage Cartier tiara;

She got some nice ponies (Oh, come on! It’s only every girl’s dream!),

and a cute brother-in-law too;

A cozy and pretty little place to call home,

and a couple of new twitter followers.

Overall I think it was quite an agreeable day for Katie, don’t you think? :)

I LOVED the wedding. I think she looked gorgeous and Will looked handsome too. The ceremony (what I saw of it) was very moving and the whole event was the stuff of fairy tales. – I was just a little disappointed by the lack of crowns. What’s the point of being royalty if you’re not gonna wear a crown?! If it was me, I’d wear it day and night. – Oh, well, I’m glad I watched it and I’m happy for her. You go girl!

For those few ladies who got a tiny weeny bit depressed by the festivities:

And despite que whole wedding madness, let us not forget one thing:

Via Gray’s Fashionlogy.

Wishing you an amazing weekend.

Lots of love from Lisbon.


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