// The colors of Tajikistan

The road to Afghanistan. – No, I wasn’t scared. :)

That’s me. Photographed by my dad at the end of the trip. :)

Tajikistan is beautiful and inspiring. It is quite overwhelming at times, as expected, but it really is a whole new world to be discovered. The sights are great and the mountains are wonderful, but what I really loved the most were the people. They are so polite and sweet. Everyone I met went out of their way to make me feel welcome and at ease. Definitely the kind of hospitality you don’t see everyday.

If anyone’s thinking about going to that region I definitely recommend it. Do make sure you stay for a minimum of two weeks though, so you can visit the Pamir Mountains. They are located in between Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China and include a bit of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, I only had 10 days and didn’t quite make it over there. Maybe next time.

Lots of love from Lisbon and a very happy Easter.

10 thoughts on “// The colors of Tajikistan

  1. wow Joana, the colors and clothes are fabulous! I hope to visit Central Asia one day, there is so much rich cultures and traditions there. Thanks for sharing the memories from your trip!

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