// Delicious

♥ This is the end of yet another manic week.

I wish I had some lovely illustration pieces to post here, but I am working on so many different projects at the same time and so far none of them are quite complete yet. This drives me crazy as I am a control freak and much rather prefer being done with an assignment before moving on to the next, but hey, I’m not complaining.


♥ This week, I’ve been thinking about Food. LOTS of food. More specifically, food photography. More specifically Katie’s Food photography.

Kate Quinn Davies is, in my humble opinion, one of the best food photographers out there. She is not only a professional food photographer and stylist, but a food connoisseur and also the writer of the very addictive blog “What Katie ate“. Her pictures are mouth-watering.

What I like best about her style is that the food looks REAL. It looks like FOOD. The surface looks messy, there are crumbs on the table, the knives and forks have been used. The dishes don’t look staged, post-produced, glued to the plates, waxed or sprayed over with glitter. I am sure she plans her compositions very carefully but it doesn’t show. Everything looks natural and spontaneous, which is genius.

For more amazing images and yummy recipes, check out her blog. For information about the artist click here: www.katiequinndavies.com.au


// And finally:

Via The Cool Hunter.


Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Lots of love from Lisbon.

4 thoughts on “// Delicious

  1. Dear Joana, foi só vir aqui comentar e, dan, vi como vc conseguiu meu email..haha, só eu mesma, viu. Sorry. Bom, como vc já sabe, dev ter um ótimo final de semana… Só posso desejar o dobro para você. Beijos, ate depois.

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