// Weekend Blues

It is my opinion that weekends are absolutely sacred.

Weekends are the only two days that you have all for yourself. You can do whatever you wish. Sleep all day, club all night, go to the gym, eat out with friends, travel, go surfing (not me, though), watch countless movies (definitely me!), visit art galleries, etc. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that today (Saturday), I’m not a happy bunny. I’m at work, sitting on my desk and yes, although I work in advertising (which is supposed to be fun and creative and not serious at all), I still have to do weekends every now and then.

I decided that I was in urgent need of some cheering up, so I went through my illustration files and found these 3 pieces that I absolutely LOVED drawing. I produced them originally to go on the book, but in the end, they didn’t make the final cut. I still like them though as they were such a delight to make.

Ok, I admit that thinking about illustration and looking at these pieces did made me feel a little better, but not quite enough to be cheerful, so I decided to listen to some good music.

Result! There’s just something about listening to “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” that makes me instantly happy. Weird, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Love from Lisbon.


5 thoughts on “// Weekend Blues

  1. Ah, Joana, duas coisas:

    1. adorei a primeira ilustração, fiquei imaginando o momento em que a segunda moça tira os óculos e seus longos eyelashes pulam para a liberdade. E a bolsa da primeira moça é adorable, just that.

    2. tomei uma overdos de Smiths essa semana e Miserable Now foi ouvida umas 4 vezes. E Half a Person e todas aquelas canções que fazem deles a melhor banda ever. Cheers, hope you feel better.


  2. Querida,

    também estava com saudades dos seus comentários! E de vir aqui apreciar seu traço tão limpo e belo. O fim de semana é sagrado pra mim, mas eu sou um tanto herege ;-)
    A propósito, que lindas as fotos da gloriosa Elizabeth. O mundo fica um tantinho menos belo sem aquele violeta, não é?

  3. Hahaha – great choice of music to cheer you up. I love the illustrations, the first one and third one are really different, but both fantastic. Chin up, nearly weekend ;-) Love from London xo

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