// Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal

As everyone knows, Japan is currently facing the most devastating tragedy in its history.

Illustration Rally has set up an illustration rally themed “Don’t give up Japan” and they are asking illustrators and artists to send artwork with messages of love and hope.

Beautiful illustration by the amazing Lea Wade

In addition to that, they are also asking for artwork donations to help raise money for the cause. Here’s what they said:

‘We are asking for artwork donations to sell to raise money for the relief effort. We would love any physical pieces at all, from cards and prints to full on characters and 3d! Anything you are willing to give we are happy to accept and all the profits made would go straight to the appeal. So if you want to take part or you have any questions please contact us at artwork-illustrationrally[at]hotmail.co.uk and we will send you further information about where to send your work.’

I have started working on a piece for the rally and have also got in touch with them about donating artwork. – If you’re interested in donating, taking part in the rally or just helping out in general, check out Illustration Rally. It’s very simple to get involved and they also have links to all the major charities.

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