// Best of the week

// I was thrilled when I found out that I was featured in London-based Fashion Designer Lira Leirner’s blog, The Portmanteau. She is so talented and so sweet, it was a great surprise.

I also loved what she wrote about me:

“Portmanteau stumbles: Joana Faria Illustration

Yes, this blog gears itself towards fashion, however, I stumbled across Joana Faria, a fashion illustrator which I simply must share with you. Her illustration style evokes a sense of Chanel-ian frenchness, overstylization to perfection and a strong, sexy yet girly gothic style with humour intrinsically incorporated into its shapes and interpretation and a gorgeous balance between modern illustration and vintage inspired details. And then there’s the eye lashes, flowing from the figurines like feathers from a jungle bird.
It does help that not only does Joana speak Portuguese (like me) as well as loves travelling, she’s into all the same cultural references I’m into. Same architects, same songs, same quotes… how can I not love her?”

Aw… Isn’t she the best? :)

Lira’s designs are fresh, memorable and she has an amazing eye for quirky patterns and beautiful prints. Her dresses in particular, are so special. They are girlie but they also have personality and a sense of humor. Check out my two favorite pieces:

Images from www.liraleirner.com.

How cute are they? I could definitely see myself wearing them in Lisbon. Pure Love.

For more pretty things, check out her website and online shop: www.liraleirner.com


// I am currently illustrating a children’s book written by a friend. It’s a fairy tale and we are dying to get it published.

I haven’t done a lot of children’s illustrations before, so when I started out with the book, I did a couple of searches on the internet and the amazing talent I found took my breath away.

Meet Rebecca Dautremer. She is French and one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever seen. Just look at these:

Her style fascinates me. Her way with color, the details she adds to enrich her composition, her obsession with the color red. I am in love with her work.

Our book is still in its very early stages, but as soon as it’s more advanced, I’ll start posting some images here.

// And finally:

Via The Cool Hunter. :)

Have a beautiful and inspiring weekend. Make sure you do something creative.

And to all my friends in London, happy Fashion Week! – Can’t say I’m not jealous though. I am. Just a little.

Lots of love from Lisbon.


3 thoughts on “// Best of the week

  1. Nossa, Joana, eu simplesmente adorei as ilustrações do livro infantil. Mal posso esperar para comprá-lo!! Não é incrível, nem sei do que se trata, já quero ter um aqui em casa para babar junto com meus filhos. Estão demais! Parabéns, menina.


  2. Ai, Joana, agora voltei ao post e vi que as ilustrações são da Rebecca. Sorry, sweety. Anyway, toda a parte sobre admirar suas ilustrações continua valendo, porque gosto muito mesmo. \o/ E ainda continuo louca para ver suas ilustrações infantis – não deixe de postá-las aqui assim que der, okay? Beijo grande!

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