// Here we go: London Fashion Week

It’s here again and I’m getting my pencils ready for a LOT of illustrations.

It’s going to be my second London Fashion Week and I can already tell you that it’ll be pure madness. From last season I learned that Fashion week is fast paced and exhilarating! I had to illustrate entire collections fresh off the catwalk for numerous articles and reviews. Amelia and Matt (the geniuses behind the very thorough and very intense Fashion Week coverage at Amelia’s Magazine) would send me photographs of the runway shows they attended and I would have to illustrate as much as possible, as fast as possible. It’s a great process and very exciting. I love it!

So my first illustration so far for this season was for an interview with designer Rachel Freire and a sneak peek at her new Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

Here it is:

I really adore her designs. They are charismatic and a little out of this world. There’s something intriguing and addictive about her clothes. I just want to see more and more. Maybe it’s because of her way of mixing the materials. Or maybe it’s her experiments with volume. Either way, I think she rocks!

All images from www.rachelfreire.com. Take a look at her past collections. They are incredible.

Check out the interview on Amelia’s Magazine. It’s fun and full of really beautiful illustrations.




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